The Most Widely Used Casino Strategies

People mostly visit casinos for enjoyment, for fun and to try their luck. It is a place where many people become wealthy overnight and also many people lose their wealth overnight. The people who become overnight millionaires by playing games in casinos. They use various types of mathematical calculations, probability methods, etc. These things are also known as casino strategies.

An experienced player will not win money based on luck he/she will always use casino strategies to win a particular game or bet. These types of people are few but you can become one such player by reading this article.

Heard about Dan Bilzerian? If not he is a living example of a perfect and knowledgeable casino player. Players like him use casino strategies to build their wealth.

In this article, we will explain to you very famous casino strategies. That is used by successful players including Dan Bilzerian.

But before starting with the strategies here are some things to know

  1. Different casino strategies are used in different games.
  2. No two games can have the same strategies applied.
  3. Casino strategies are not completely universal means different people can have different strategies.
  4. People can also make strategies according to themselves.

So now let’s start with some common casino strategies that are in use:

No luck

Well, this is not a strategy but it is important to know that while you win or lose something in a casino it is not completely dependent on luck. One should not feel very lucky after winning a few bets or games because too much excitement can steal that happiness from you very soon. And one should not curse luck for not winning a game or bet because more than luck one should believe in practical casino strategies.

The Martingale

Martingale is one of the most common casino strategies used by players. In this strategy after losing a bet, you are required to double your bet in the next round. The motive of this strategy is that at some point you will win and recoup your losses.

The problem behind using this strategy is that one needs to have an account full of money so this strategy is good for those who check this condition.

Example – “A” loses his $10 bet in the first round, he doubles the bet to $20 in the next round. Eventually, “A” wins the second round. So now “A” has recouped his loss of $10 and has also won a profit of $10.

Betting 2% or Less of Your Money

See casino games and gambling have many different strategies that a player can use to try and win a game or bet. One such strategy is the one mentioned above. In this strategy, a player is required to bet not more than 2% of his money. The main motive behind this strategy is that even when after you lose some bets you will have enough money in your hand you will not become temporarily bankrupt

Example – Player ‘A’ has $2000 and he bets $40 even if he loses the bet he will have $1960 left with him. Now practically a player will not bet $40 out of $2000 but you get the idea.

Value Betting

This casino strategy can be used in any game. In this strategy, a player will need to bet a particular amount based on the winning probability. This strategy is only useful if you have an advantage over the casino. Meaning you can use this strategy only if you have a chance of winning a particular game or bet.

Games with low-house edges

House edges are amounts that are earned by casinos by the players who have lost the games or bets. Many games have high house rates a player who has just started to play casino games should stay away from these games. One should focus on games that have low house edges these games have low returns on winning but they are safer than the games that have high house edges.

Games with low house edges are



Video poker

Back out as soon as possible

Well, this depends on the player. But one should know when to back out from a game. One should hear the alert bell in his/her mind if they are making losses and they are excepting to earn profits. Backing out from a game as soon as possible will make the player prevent future losses and even become insolvent.


So to become successful in casino games and betting or to earn profit and minimize losses one should use these casino strategies. It is not completely necessary to follow these strategies. One can make strategies on their own. But with these, all are proven casino strategies. So before making your strategy you should consider using these.

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