Have you been looking for the best online casino in Bangladesh? Well, then you have come to the right place. The best cricket betting or casino site in Bangladesh, there are various benefits related to the deposits, rewarding bonuses, and hundreds of markets for the sport like cricket and football.

This website also does have reputable licenses to that the player’s interests are always protected.

Online Gambling Laws in Bangladesh

Well, as it is an Islamic nation, there are many kinds of gambling that are forbidden. On the other hand, Bangladesh is not strict with gambling as some other Islamic nations in the world are.

Although Online gambling is illegal, there are horse racing and lotteries that are very much exempted from this rule. Although the online casinos are not lucky in this case. Apart from the mentioned just recently, the other forms of gambling are still illegal in Bangladesh.

This is what became law in February 2020 and it is there in the article by Calvin Ayre. there were 13 clubs that had gambling equipment seized upon the high court ruling.

There is also a fine as well as prison time that will be levy for the whole month on the people who are gambling. Well, this is the case for the gambling that is based out on the land. Well, there are no specific online gambling laws.

There is this case where the Bangladeshi players can still use the offshore licensed casinos that are there for international audiences. This also includes the people from Bangladesh.

Is Gambling Legal in Bangladesh

Well, when it comes to the legality of the casinos in Bangladesh, then things are going to get a little complicated. There are few exceptions and unawareness when it comes to the rules of betting in Bangladesh.

As discussed adobe gambling that is based out of the land is illegal but the people can still instill their thirst for gambling in the online casino in Bangladesh. There are many sportsbooks that are available to Bangladeshi users.

There are no land-based casinos, legal betting places, bookies, or anything except for the race tracks where the bets will take take place on the day where the race is taking the place.

Although the land-based casinos and the bookies are illegal, there are some international betting websites that are allowing Bangladeshi bettors on the sports betting odds, such as cricket, football, or tennis.

Although you are likely to attract trouble when you are betting on the land-based casinos in the country, you are not going to face issues if you are playing in an online casino in Bangladesh.

Every sportsbook that will be featured on this page is going to be safe, trustworthy, and regulated. Thus, there is nothing that you must worry about. There are many sportsbooks that are less reliable and also a little shady.

You are not going to find that sportsbook in our article. 

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Best Betting Sites in Bangladesh

There are a few websites the given below are the best websites.


Betvisa is one of the best casino apps in Bangladesh. It comes with a huge bonus in Bangladeshi Taka and offers great interaction making it a perfect operator for Bangladeshi audiences. 

The BetVisa operating system has been customized for Indian and Bangladeshi customers. And it comes with a number of acceptance offers and deposit methods.

Bet Visa Bangladesh Exchange offers buyers various bonuses. At Bet Visa Bangladesh bonuses, you receive a 100% welcome bonus. And your deposit for sports betting fans.


Crickex is among the platforms that are primarily focused on sports betting. If you are a sports punter based in Bangladesh, you have to know that Crickex is like their mecca for all types of betting in the gaming world. 

Crickex, which specializes in sports betting, also offers casino games. A majority of the online slots are available, as are the live casino games. No matter if you’re a fan of online casinos or sports betting, you’ll still have to register an account and fund the account before playing your favorite online games.


In Bangladesh, Jeetwin Casino apps are very popular among gambling fans. The site is very well designed and well laid out. Additionally, they provide easy ways for Bangladeshis to deposit and withdraw money.

The process of cashing out money into your Jeetwin account is among the fastest. The site offers daily withdrawals. As a result, you will not have to wait long when you withdraw your money from the site. As soon as you withdraw from the site, the money will reflect in your bank account within 24 hours!.


Marvelbet is an online casino and sports betting site in Bangladesh. It is quite popular among fans of online gambling. The site is very easy in terms of navigating because of its good design.

You can find different sports events, both local and international, on the site’s sports betting section. Further, the online casino is filled with all the classic casino games as well. There are exciting options to play in slots too. Besides, the site offers some good bonus options as well. Thus, it is naturally a popular choice among fans of online gambling.


Well, the GameApe is one of the best places to go if you like the Bangladesh top betting and casino apps. This is a brand that has several years of experience and is also accessible in Bangladesh and other asian countries.

The GameApe is currently having thousands of clients as it is offering several exciting live betting sessions. Well, this sportsbook is also famous for its promotions and it is also accessible to most of the registered users.

As there are various betting options, the GameApe is a place where you can use the latest features. There is the feature of cash out and live streaming that are the best options that you can use to their full potential.

Bet winner:

When you check the interface of the Bet winner, you can easily tell that it is among the Bangladesh top casino. It has one of the best selections of games and has the best bettors sections, this is also going to offer more mobile applications.  It is going to allow the punter to change the Langauge timezone, odds format, and much more.

The casino section of this app is also the best and it offers much more to be known as a top-notch sportsbook. The Bangladeshi online punters have the chance to wager their bets on every popular sport. Also, they can use the most competitive odds that are in the markets and that too for the famous sports around the world. This I part of the facet whether it is played in the country or not.

The people will also have the chance to use all the kinds of features that this app provides.

These are some of the best Bangladeshi betting platforms for you.

Beginners Guide to Online casino games & Cricket Betting

Well, online gambling is something that is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Its popularity is still touching the skies. Well, if you have never placed bets or played real money games, or even bet on the cricket, then the idea of doing tot can be a little scary.

Choosing a gambling website can pose to be something of a challenge. It also depends on the facts and how many websites there are.

If you like cricket, then you need to find a suitable betting website that will host the cricket as a part of its own sportsbook. Well, you need not worry about digging too much as there are various online resources that will provide you with the various online resources that you can use. They will provide you with the best cricket betting websites that are at the top of their league and also very highly reputable.

As cricket betting is available on most often sportsbooks, there are at times when you are likely to see an extensive list of the cricket betting website in your region. Well, for this, reason, you need to narrow down your search in order to find a website that has the best promotions and bonuses.

It is also providing the users with a user-friendly interface. It also has excellent support channels in place to assist you in your time of need.

Most popular cricket bets

As it is with online casino games, it is very important for you to learn the different strategies of the cricket betting game. When you are confident enough to understand how the game is going to work for you, then you can move on pacing your best.

There are many resources, blogs, as well as articles that you can learn about them as a beginner. Let us look at the most popular cricket bets that are going to involve a bit of the time as well as some experience you can check the points below in order to find a fit that is going to work the best for you.

Match betting:

Well, this is a very famous cricket bet for the bettors who like to wager on the sport. It is also a straightforward option that will also you to choose the bet from the selection of three different outcomes that involves a win from the home tea, a win from the away team, and a draw between both the teams.

Completed match:

Well, the completed match bets are for one-day matches when you as a bettor are taking a guess on whether the game will be finished on that specific day or not. The simple things can easily affect the outcomes that include the factors. These can be the weather that makes a bet between a yes or no.

Tied match:

The tied match bets are another straightforward option for choosing where you will be required to bet a yes or a no on the outcome of the game. If you are choosing the correct answer, then you are automatically going to win the wager.

Innings runs:

It is a kind of a specific wager where you will be attempting to predict the number of runs that are scored within the first innings of the game. Well, in many available sportsbooks, this is a kind of wager that is known as the under.

This sportsbook will be responsible for posting several runs. You’ll take up the task of wagering if you believe that the total number of runs scored will either be over or under the very number shown by the sportsbook.

Top Bowler:

For bettors interested in wagering on specific players, top bowler bets may be the perfect option for you.

It is your responsibility as a bettor will be to select a player that you think will score the most wickets during a series or match from either one of the playing teams. Should you make the right choice, you’ll be in for an attractive payout.

There are other important bets as well. Lets us see what are those:

  • Man of the match/player of the season
  • Bowler match bets
  • Top batsman
  • Batsman match bets
  • Tournament outright winner
  • Series winner
  • Over/underscore
  • Series score
  • Method of dismissal
  • Win toss
  • Toss combination
  • Odd/even runs
  • Most run-outs
Basic tips & tricks to win casino games

Basic tips and tricks to win Casino Games

There are some basic tips and tricks to win casino games.

Make a game plan:

There are many game programs that will allow you to gamble without spending any kind of money.

You can spend some time there practicing the different games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, and craps.

Make a budget for the casino:

You need to decide how much budget you will be spending and then assume that you are not going to win anything. Bring a set amount of cash with you with the intention that it is gone for the day and you need to leave the casino.

Keep track of the time:

The longer you stay at a casino, the higher the chances are that you’ll lose money. The odds are always in the house’s favor! Make sure that you set a time limit for several hours, and after that time, call it quits.

If you’ve won money, that’s great! If not, take a break and come back refreshed the next day.

Bangladesh Casino/Sports Exchange FAQ

What is the minimum gambling age in Bangladesh?

Well, there is no legal age for gambling as gambling is prohibited. The players need to be 18 years old to play at the casinos we recommended.

Are casinos legal in Bangladesh?

As a matter of fact, there are not illegal as there no are no specific laws regarding online casinos. Although the land-based casinos are illegal and cannot operate in Bangladeshi lands.

Are these offshore websites safe?

Well, as a matter of fact, we made it 100% sure to choose safe casino websites. They have all the safety measures to protect the players.

Can I play in these casinos through my phone?

Yes, you can as all the casinos listed above are mobile-friendly.