Know The Casino Games That Offer the Worst Odds?

Casinos are very much popular in foreign countries, especially in the US. People enjoy going to casinos. Casinos have made many people a millionaire and have also made many millionaires insolvent. Yes, the coin always has two sides. In casinos besides just betting a lot of other games are also played. Some casino games have good odds of winning and some don’t.

Today in this article we will look at those casino games that don’t have any odds of winning, the games which also help casino owners to become rich.

So are you still with us?

If, yes let’s start with the games. But before that, we need to know a very important term known as house edge.

What are house edges?

In simple words, it’s a gross profit earned by the casinos from the people who have lost bets or money inside the casino. Every casino games have a house edge.

Casino games are of two types the one with the best odds and the one with the worst odds. The games with the best odds are games in which you can play by using strategy and win a lot of money. And the other is the ones with the worst odds which help the casinos to earn money and you should always stay away from these games.

These games look very easy and attractive but one should stop himself/herself from playing these games.

Here are 6 casino games that you should avoid playing.

Slot machines

These games have a house edge of approximately 15%. These machines are available in every casino. It is a game in which you pull the lever of the slot machine and if you get a pair of three things you are rewarded.

But you should stay away from these games because they are based on luck and you can’t do anything to improve your win rate. These games usually attract players because they are entertaining and easy. But a player should be careful while he is on a slot machine.


This game has a house edge of approximately 40%. In this game, you have 80 numbers. Both you and the house pick 20 numbers. And you win according to the numbers you have selected. In simple words, if you want to win Keno then the numbers you picked should be the same as the numbers picked by the house.

There are no mathematical calculations or any strategies applicable to this game even though the probability of getting the same numbers is very less. You should stay away from this game because it is based on absolute luck.

Wheel of fortune

This game has a house edge of approximately 11%. In this game, a wheel is spinning and you are required to bet on $1, $5, $10, $20, or a joker. You have to bet on these numbers only. Even if you bet on $1 which is the safest bet the house edge is 11%.

In addition, as you increase the bets from $1 to joker the house edge keeps increasing. This is not very risky but you should be careful you should back out as quickly as you realize the logic behind this game. This game is for fun and you should not get addicted after earning profits.

Online Casino Games

Well, online casinos are very popular and many people play online casino games. But one should always be careful while playing casino games online.

You should always select games that have good reviews and are played by many people. You should stay away from games that claim maximum returns because many such games may be a scam.


The house edge of this game is approximately 20 to 30%. In this game, the probability of you winning the game depends only on the correct bets which you have chosen. The odds of winning this game are very less as you will have to choose every bet correctly which is very hard.


The house edge of this game is around 40%. Well, roulette is the heart of every casino. Many people play it. This game has made many people millionaires and has also stolen the title of a millionaire from many people. Roulette is a wheel that contains numbers and two colors (red and black).

The player has to choose a number and a color, for example, 7 and red. Further, a ball is thrown and if a ball stops at 7 and the color red then you win even if the ball stops at number 7 but not on the color red you lose the game. So the odds of winning the game are one in a hundred. Because getting the right number with the right color is very difficult.


So as you get by reading this article a good and experienced casino player avoids betting or spending their money on these types of games. These games are just for entertainment one should not get addicted even if they earn profits by playing these games. One should know when to end playing these games. It is very important to know the difference between good and not-so-good casino games.

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