The Game of Blackjack: What Is Hole Carding?

Casino game is very popular amongst everyone, you at least must have heard of them. Many people want to visit such casinos for playing card games as they are very popular.

There are 2 types of casino players. First are those who came there to enjoy and want to win but they don’t do much work that gives them an advantage. The others are hardcore players who desperately want to win and will do whatever it takes to give them an edge no matter how small. These people who are desperate to win are called advantage players. And casino owners hate them. Despite the dangers involved, if they get noticed, they might be kicked off by the casino. 

Advantage players observe and search for the games in which the winning possibility of the house is the lowest and then they study the best possible moves to turn the games in their favor. And most probably these players start with the game of Blackjack.

This game has a low house edge and it is possible to play in a certain manner to further reduce the house edge as much as possible.

 After that advantage players try to learn how to count cards which gives them a small advantage over the house when playing blackjack. 

This method of taking advantage is pretty tough and sometimes it might even seem obvious of your actions. This may result in getting caught and after that, they will surely ask you to leave the casino.

And this is when hole cards come into the game. It offers many advantages over card counting by including a better edge. In many games, it is harder for the casinos to understand your moves. 

Exactly what is this “Hole Carding”?

In simple words, hole carding is when you successfully peep onto one of the hole cards or the cards that are facing down. 

By knowing the value of the hole card, you can make smart decisions while playing so that you have better chances of winning.

Flashers or flashing dealers is the common term used to define the dealers that show their down cards. These dealers make these subtle mistakes that can be used against themselves. 

How can you do it?

First of all, you need to be alert and watch closely, that way if the dealer is flashing cards there is a possibility you can see the Hole card. 

You must position yourself smartly to get the perfect view of the flashcards as they don’t do it more often and it is not possible to see it from every position.

In a standard sitting, we recommend sitting either at the first or third base. That depends if the dealer is right or left-handed.

The other position is directly straight in front of the dealer. It also depends on the procedure of the game.

To get a better view of the flashed cards you can either slouch or lean back on the chair without making it obvious about your motives. 

Usually, you need to watch for sloppy dealers carefully and you might have to try out different seating positions to get the perfect viewing angle.

If you are someone who is short, then you have a better chance of looking at the hole card. And if you have to position yourself then make sure your movements are totally natural.

The Next Step

After figuring out which dealer flashes their hole card, you have to find what is the best way possible to use the information against them.

Here is when most people make mistakes. They forget that a flashing dealer is very valuable. You should do everything to keep them dealing for as long as you can.

 So using the information in every situation might seem more suspicious. This does not mean making them deal for extra/longer shifts. That will most likely blow your cover and make you look even more suspicious. 

Because as soon as the casino finds out that a dealer is flashing their hole cards. They will immediately take an action and stop the game.

This will restrain you from winning in the long run. And as for the dealer, they will either be trained or in the worst case fired.

You must use the information properly so the dealer with poor dealing skills can deal for as long as possible. 

It takes more than just dealing with skills in such situations. Suppressing the real motives and at the same time executing the plan is a necessary skill.

So try to be as normal and less suspicious as possible. Another method when hole carding is to play in teams with advantage players and again make sure the dealer doesn’t detect it.

Final Words

To play card games at casinos, one requires more than just information on how to play the game. It is important to act normal and less suspicious in order to play and win in the long run.

A smart strategy and execution will always make sure that your plan is successful.

We hope you have grasped the term “hole carding” and have an idea of how to use it.

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