Know The Different Types of Roulette That You Can Play

Casinos are very popular places in foreign countries. People visit casinos to have fun, earn some money, even lose some money, and try their luck out.

It is a place where people become wealthy overnight and also lose their wealth overnight. A casino is a place where a lot of betting games are played by people.

The games include poker, blackjacks, craps, keno games, baccarat, etc. It is a very crowded place with different types of people rich, poor, people who try their luck, broke people, etc.

Today in this article we will discuss a casino game known as roulette. The article will give you information on what is roulette, and the different types of roulette.

What is roulette?

It is a betting game in which the dealer drops a white ball on a moving wheel. The wheel contains numbers from 0-36. Each number is shaded with one of the two colors either red or black. Players have to guess the number and the color in which the ball will stop before the game starts. The word roulette is derived from a French word meaning small wheel.

For example – The player bets on number 15 black if the ball stops on number 17 black the player loses his/her bet because for winning the ball should have stopped on the exact bet chosen.

A player playing roulette can get different options while playing means there are different roulette types from which a player can choose his/her favorite.

Many players don’t know that roulette just doesn’t have one type there are in total 6 different types of roulette.

In the next few paragraphs, you will get to know all the roulette types.

Different types of roulette/Different forms of roulette.

1. American Roulette

This is the standard version of roulette that is found in every US casino. As compared to other games in casinos regular roulette has a low house edge and odds of winning.

Although the house edge is low on American roulette it is not very low the house edge on a single number is approximately around 5.5%

American roulette is popular in the whole US so if you are in the United State and you visit a casino you will find American roulette everywhere.

2. European Roulette

The Europeans and the Americans are similar in almost everything culture, breakfast, etc. This means European roulette is not that much different than American roulette.

The only difference in European roulette is of house edge where the American roulette has a house edge of around 5.5% the European roulette has a house edge of only 2.5% nearly half of American roulette. That’s why gamblers prefer European roulettes over American roulettes.

The second minor difference is that European roulette has only one zero with 37 pockets whereas American roulette has two zeros with 38 pockets.

3. Double Ball Roulette

This roulette uses two balls instead of one. It was started as an experiment by some casinos in Las Vegas. The reason for including this roulette type was only to give the players more excitement and some tension.

Double Ball Roulette is played on European roulette because as you know it has a low house edge. This type of roulette is not available in every casino.

So if you want to play it then you should play it in some online casino rather than finding it in a land-based casino.

4. Multi-Wheel Roulette

If two balls were not enough for some players here you have multi-wheel roulette. In this roulette type, a total of eight wheels are used at once. You have to bet the same number for every wheel. This somewhat helps increase your odds of winning.

But be careful too much of this can help you to get broke in no time. So if you want something more exciting then you can play this roulette.

But there is a little condition to playing this. These types of roulette are not available in land-based casinos. So your only option is to play it online.

5. Raid Roulette

Rapid roulettes are different from traditional roulettes. These are also known as video roulettes.

In this roulette type, the players bet on a video board. The wheel is not virtual but may or may not have the dealer spin it. Sometimes even the ball is electronically developed.

So if you are tired of playing traditional roulettes, you can add some spices by playing rapid roulette.

6. Mini Roulette

Mini roulette has 13 numbers on its wheel. There is not much difference between mini roulette and traditional roulette.

One slight difference is the fact that a bet that does not cover zero will lose half if the ball falls on zero. In regular roulettes, you lose all.


As seen above there are different types of roulette each has its unique feature and characteristics. So it is up to a player which type of roulette he/she wants to play.

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