5 Things You Must Not Do When Playing Table Game Blackjack

Casino games are very popular amongst users. Different users have different likings and according to this their casino games also keep changing. But the one game which everyone in the casino likes to play is blackjack. It is one of the most played games in a casino.

Blackjack is a very famous casino game. It is fun, entertaining, and helps you to earn a good amount of profit. But blackjack does require some skills and experience that a rookie player can’t be on a blackjack table with experienced players. So it does require some skills and knowledge. Well, most of the articles let you know how to play blackjack. They don’t tell you about the mistakes.

So today this article will tell you the major 5 things that you should avoid when you are at a blackjack table. This article will be useful for new and rookie players who have just started playing casino games.

What is blackjack?

Blackjack is a card game played on a table with a dealer. It is played with a deck of 52 cards. All the cards have the same value as their face values except the major cards (King, Queen, Jack, and Ace) which have a value of 10. Blackjack has a very good chance of winning the percentage of winning on a blackjack table is approximately 43%. Well on the other hand the dealer has a 49% chance of winning the game. Which is a little high when compared with the player. And because of this reason, blackjack is also one of the most popular table casino games.

Blackjack requires a player to use his skills and experience to beat the dealer and win the game. Sometimes players become too hasty for the win and they do some things that drag them back to loss. So while sitting at a blackjack table a player should try to avoid common mistakes and errors.

There are many things a player shouldn’t do while he/she is at a blackjack table. Here in this article, we will discuss with you the top 5 things that are common but not taught and which lead you to lose on the blackjack table.

5 things you should avoid while on a blackjack table

1. Never know half rules

This mistake is done by most of the new players. New and enthusiastic players who only watch at the profit and the winning percentage usually make the mistake of not knowing all the rules. These players just understand half the rules of the game and neglect the others.

You should never sit at a blackjack table if you don’t know all the rules. This will eventually benefit the dealer. If the dealer is wise in most cases he/she is they can easily trick you. Not knowing all the rules will make it difficult for you to win or even play the game properly. So you should avoid this thing while you are at a blackjack table. Be prepared by knowing all the rules and regulations.

2. Never cheat

Now, this thing is done by most experienced and skilled players. Well, cheating is not easy not only on blackjack but all the other casino games. It takes a lot of knowledge, skill, and timing. Well, cheating is mostly done by experienced players but there is always room for being caught. And if you are caught cheating on a blackjack table or any other casino game the punishment is very served.

 For cheating, the casino might sue you, ask you to pay a penalty of thousands of dollars, or even cancel your membership permanently, or can even ban you. The consequences can be anything. So even if you are an experienced or skilled player you should never cheat on a blackjack table. And not just in blackjack you should not cheat in any other games also.

3. Never use guesswork

Now, this thing is done mostly by new and rookie players. But don’t worry even experienced players use guesswork as their last resort. Well, a player only uses guesswork if he/she doesn’t know anything about the game or he/she is not getting better results after using the strategies and plans. In both, cases making use of pure guesswork is completely wrong.

Guesswork depends on your luck if you are lucky you can win big profits by just guessing. So guessing does not have any practical proof that it will surely help you to win the game. So if you are on a blackjack table no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are never do guesswork.

4. Don’t be overconfident

Players often get emotional after winning a few rounds and earning some profit. They think that no one can beat them they become overconfident. You might know ‘confidence is good but overconfident is no good’. So never become overconfident while you are at a blackjack table. If you are winning all the rounds be aware of what’s coming.

5. Never think the dealer is a fool

This mistake should not be done by you while you are at a blackjack table never think that the dealer doesn’t know anything. Never think that the dealer is not watching your moves in most cases dealers are ahead of you in the game.


Blackjack is played by many players. But there are many things that you should not do or avoid doing while you are at the blackjack table. These things usually create problems for you. So if you are a new or experienced player there are some common things that you should avoid.

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