You Should Know these 7 Wheel Of Fortune Rules

Wheel of Fortune is still spinning its way into fans’ hearts after more than 45 years on the air. The fan-favorite program is much more than vowels and Vanna. There are plenty of backstage regulations to walk away a winner. Is it okay for candidates to chat to Pat during commercial breaks? What is the one thing you cannot have on set? Learn these guidelines to become a true Wheel of Fortune pro.

Rule 1: Call Out Common Letters Should

This may seem clear, but it’s not as simple as you assume. Contestants on Wheel of Fortune generally go for consonants they believe are most likely. That makes perfect sense. And, considering that the bonus round’s “free” letters are RSTLNE, you’d think these are the most prevalent.

That is partially correct. Those six letters are among the most frequent but are not always the most common and are not always in the right order. Depending on the source, the common letters in English are ETAOINSRHL or EARIOTNSLC. This corresponds to the letter values in Words With Friends. The most prevalent letters in the game are worth the fewest points.

Rule 2: Buy a Vowel

Why would you “waste” any of your prospective earnings on buying vowels if the purpose is to win as much money as possible? That’s because the aim is to solve the problem, not to win money. Filling in the blanks with the right vowels is also quite useful in solving the problem.

You may also observe that, while the dollar amounts on the wheel have risen over time, the cost of purchasing a vowel has stayed constant: $250. E or A (or both) will almost certainly appear in every problem. The challenge will be much easier to solve this way.

Rule 3: Understand Your Categories

The categories aren’t a hint of what the puzzle may be. They can also provide information on famous words or letters in such puzzles.

  • If the category is “Things,” the problem is certainly plural. As a result, there is most often an S at the end of a word.
  • Assuming the category is “Same Name.” The puzzle will almost certainly contain a “and” (if it does not already have an ampersand).

Keep an eye out for general short terms in general outside the categories. THE and AND are frequent words. If you notice a T at the start of a three-letter word, buy an E to confirm, then say an H.

Rule 4: Use the Express Wedge.

Understanding the rules and bonuses is one of the secrets to Scrabble. Wheel of Fortune regulations and game show winning. There are several extra wedges on the wheel and ordinary wedges. The Express wedge is one of them.

With the Express wedge, you can resume playing without having to spin the wheel again. Consonants are worth $1,000, while you may buy vowels for $250 each. The disadvantage is that you will become bankrupt if you dial an erroneous letter. It is well worth the risk since you get control of the board without having to pass your turn to your opponents.

Rule 5: Provide An Exact Solution To The Puzzle.

Following this guideline, like calling out famous letters first, appears to be self-evident. To complete the riddle, you must state the correct answer precisely. But, a competitor was eliminated on at least one well-publicized occasion in 2019 because she inserted an extra word.

The crossword problem consisted of four words: right, football, left, and Sally. “Right, football, left, and Sally,” Kristen Shaw stated as she tried to tackle the problem. Did you notice what I said? Shaw included an extra “and.” She lost $1,950 besides a trip worth more than $8,000. “Say everything, don’t add anything, go ahead,” host Pat Sajak told her before she responded.

It’s a little detail, but it’s one of those Wheel of Fortune regulations you should remember. The show may be more tolerant with “um” or “uh,” but “and” is unmistakably a “real word.”

Rule 6: Never Solve a Problem with No Money

When it’s your time, you want to solve the puzzle even if you don’t have any money. According to the Wheel of Fortune regulations, if a participant has less than $1,000 in the current round, they will get $1,000. You’re stopping your opponents from solving with no money, right? Isn’t it the aim to make it to the bonus round?

Remember that you will need money to proceed to the bonus round. If you accept the $1,000, your opponent may beat you in one of the later rounds. Instead, it’s worth spinning the wheel for the chance to increase your prizes.

Rule 7: Understand Your Letter Strings

You may also diverge from the list if you come across a string of letters while going down the list or after inheriting the board from another player. THE is possibly the most often used word. After guessing T with your first spin, a three-letter word may appear as T . Because you are likely to buy an E later on, take the E here before spinning for the H.

  • AND is another commonly used term. When you see _N_, you should buy the A before the E and then spin for the D.
  • If the problem contains a one-letter word, buy the A (and then the I) before the E.
  • Outside of “What Are You Doing?” puzzles, -ING terms are popular. So, if you see – N_, buy the I to be safe. If it is exactly where you expect it, spin for the G.
  • – occurs on occasion. Because they are normally possessive, the S comes before the T. Be cautious with ‘. Unless the level is about the Oakland A’s, you’re looking at I’M.
  • Finally, -T N appears on occasion. This is probably -TION. You should consider bypassing A and E and purchasing I and O first.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the seven Wheel of Fortune regulations you must follow if you want to maximize your winnings. We hope you found this information useful.

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