Which Are The Best Live Blackjack Sites To Win Real Money?

Casinos are of two types online and offline casinos. Both casinos are famous. Both online and offline casinos have different types of users. Some users like online casinos while some like offline casinos.

Both of them come with their advantages and disadvantages. But in today’s world people are shifting towards online casinos. There are two main reasons first is convenience and the second is a variety of casino games. Well, it also has cons like data leaking, hacking, etc. But for today we will not focus on the cons.

Online casinos offer different casino games to their users. All the games which are played in offline (classic) casinos are available in online casinos. And out of all the casino games, one of the most popular games is Blackjack.

Players earn/win a lot of money by playing blackjack. So today in this article we will discuss with you the best live online blackjack sites to win real money. The article will also give you detailed information about the sites, and blackjack.

What is an online casino?

Online casinos are also known as virtual casinos. You can make use of online casinos by using your mobile, laptop, and computer. You can visit it only virtually.

In simple words, online casinos are casinos that are not found in the real world. A player can only access them by using their mobile, laptops, or computers virtually. You can play online casino games by making use of different online casino websites or apps.

Now before moving to the sites let’s know some important things about blackjack.

What is blackjack?

Blackjack is a card game played on a table with a dealer. It is played with a deck of 52 cards. All the cards have the same value as their face values except the major cards (King, Queen, Jack, and Ace) which have a value of 10. Blackjack has a very good chance of winning the percentage of winning on a blackjack table is approximately 43%. Well on the other hand the dealer has a 49% chance of winning the game. Which is a little high when compared with the player. And because of this reason, blackjack is also one of the most popular table casino games.

Blackjack requires a player to use his skills and experience to beat the dealer and win the game. Sometimes players become too hasty for the win and they do some things that drag them back to loss. So while sitting at a blackjack table a player should try to avoid common mistakes and errors.

Rules of Blackjack

Here are some of the common, basic, and important rules of blackjack that you should know before playing the game. You should not worry because online and offline casinos have the same blackjack rules. The basic rules of the game are the same and are not changed no matter which online casino platform you choose.

1. If the dealer has the blackjack he/she will win the game.

2. If the player has the blackjack he/she wins the game.

3. If both the dealer and the player have the blackjack then it’s a push.

4. If nobody has the blackjack then both the players. plays their hand.

5. When all the players have finished the dealer plays his/her hand.

So these were the 5 most common and important rules that you should know before playing blackjack.

Best live online blackjack casino sites to win real money

Now how will you win money by playing blackjack? See there are tons of sites and apps on the internet which claim that you will win real money if you win in blackjack. Now most of them are fake or fraudulent. So for you, we have shortlisted some of the best genuine

The name of the sites is given below.

1. Betvisa


A special section for blackjack, Crypto is also accepted. Evolution Games run a live Casino, and a high-quality support team, and free play is available.


Playing requirements are high.

2. Ignition


A minimum of $3000 welcome bonus, one of the best live dealer blackjack, and low wagering requirements.


Customer support contact is not that good.

3. Slots. lv


If used crypto can get a bonus of up to $7,500, and a total of 8 blackjack variants are available in the community forum.


No customer support over the phone

4. SuperSlots


Many variants of blackjack are available, including 15+ payment methods, live blackjack, $6 welcome boost.


Not available on all mobiles

5. Bitstarz


4000+ games available, different variants of blackjack, and instant withdrawals.


Crypto is available for only US players, and live casino is only restricted in the US.


Blackjack is a very famous casino game played by many players. Also, Live blackjack is available in online casinos. The different online casino offers you different variants of blackjack. But be wise and select the genuine site or app only not just for blackjack but for any other casino games.

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