Top 10 Online Casinos In Bangladesh For 2023

A Casino is a very famous place that many people visit. They are famous in foreign countries like the USA, London, other European Countries, etc. But some countries have imposed a ban on casinos. In some countries construction of casinos is illegal.

This is where online casino comes into the picture. There are many countries in which online casinos are legal. Today in this article we will talk about one of those countries and also discuss with you the top 10 online casinos specifically for the players of that country. The article will give you detailed information about every casino site.

What is an online casino?

Online casinos are also known as virtual casinos. You can make use of online casinos by using your mobile, laptop, and computer. You can visit it only virtually.

In simple words, online casinos are casinos that are not found in the real world. A player can only access them by using their mobile, laptops, or computers virtually.

The country

As discussed above there are many countries in which classic casino is banned but online casinos are legal. The country we will discuss in this article is Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a very famous country, especially for tourism. The country is rich in greenery. People in Bangladesh like to play casino games a lot but because the classic casino is illegal their people make use of online casinos for playing casino games.

Now, before moving to the best online casino sites in Bangladesh let’s discuss the pros and cons of using online casinos.

Pros of online casinos

1. Popular

 Online casinos are more popular than classic casinos.

2. Low house edges

Online casinos have low house edges when compared with classic casinos.

3. Convenience

You don’t need to leave your house to play casino games.

4. Variety of games

 Online casinos have more (new) games when compared with the classic casino

Cons of using online casinos

1. Security concerns

There is always a security issue with online casinos. Anything online is not safe and secure. So you should make use of only reliable sites and apps while playing online casino games.

2. Fraud and scams

 Many cases have come into the news regarding online casino scams and frauds. Many players have been scammed by fraudulent websites and apps. These websites and apps make use of your details and do scam you.

3.  Hacking

Many unpopular online casino websites are also used by hackers. So while using such sites you give an open invitation to the hackers to hack your bank account and get all the money.

4. Data leaking

Some online casino sites sell your data to other companies or individuals just to earn some extra cash. By this, your data can go into people’s hands like hackers. And also data leaking is one of the core reasons for scams and frauds.

Top 10 online casinos in Bangladesh

Now let’s talk about the main part of the article. There are many online casino sites and apps that you can use in Bangladesh. But as you read in the above section there is always a risk of hacking, data leaking, etc. So we have shortlisted the top 10 best online casino sites that are used in Bangladesh.

The sites mentioned below are all used by many players, have a genuine audience, are not included in any scams or frauds, and have a very good customer support team.

So let’s start with the list

1. Betvisa Casino

This site accepts deposits through cryptocurrencies. The software developer of this Betvisa casino is a renowned brand such as Evo Gaming, Ezugi, SA Gaming, Super Spade, etc. The Betvisa casino also offers different types of casino bonuses and gifts to new users.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Accepts cryptocurrency
  • Supports local e-wallet payment options
  • Has a renowned software developer


  • Welcome Bonuses are available for slot players only.

2. Super Slots

This site is very useful if you like to play a lot of slot games. The site also has more casino games like blackjack, roulette, craps, etc. Super slots are used by many players in Bangladesh.


  • Has multilingual options
  • Live Casino
  • 24/7 customer support services
  • Secured with 256-bit SSL encryption


  • Sometimes the site crashes

3. 1XBet

1Xbet is not just popular in Bangladesh but it is also very famous in India. It is a very popular online casino site used by many players. It offers betting options on sports games like football, cricket, tennis, etc other than casino games.


  • Has a variety of casino games
  • Offers betting options on different sports
  • Trusted site


  • Might not be available in some countries

4. Parimatch

Parimatch is one of the best mobile casino sites in Bangladesh. You can also have the option to deposit Bitcoins, Litecoins, and Ethereum. Has tons of casino games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, etc.


  • Very popular mobile casino site
  • Offers a variety of casino games
  • Available in 4 different languages


  • Sometimes the cryptocurrency payment option doesn’t work
  • Is not available in many countries

5. 22Bet

Just like 1XBet. 22Bet is also a very famous betting plus online casino site available not just in Bangladesh but in many other countries. It is the same as 1Xbet  there is not much difference between the two sites.

6. Rocketpot

Rocketpot is not a popular online casino site but offers good games like blackjack, slots, craps, etc. The customer service of the site is good.


  • Good customer support service


  • Not used by many players

7. Betway

Betway is another similar site just like 1XBet and 22Bet there is not much of a difference between all these sites. But yes betway offers more betting options on sports than the other two sites.

8. 1xSlots

As the name suggests 1xslots is a very good site if you are a big fan of slots. The site offers a wide range of slots. 1xslots also has different payment options.


  • Different payment options
  • Best for slots


  •  Not more casino games are available other than slots

9. Junglee Rummy

The reason this is not in this position is that it is not specifically used in Bangladesh. It has a more Indian audience but the site is also available in Bangladesh.

10. RummyCircle

The same reason goes for the rummy circle also.


There are many online casino sites on the internet but you should choose the best site which is used by many players and has good customer support to stay away from frauds and scams.

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