These Five Online Gambling Strategies Seem Unethical

Some gamblers go to extreme lengths to win in online gambling. However, one needs to be cautious while using those methods. Make sure that none of the techniques are illegal. Else, you can face legal action. However, there are certain strategies that are not legal but ethically wrong. Casinos try to prevent players from using those. Those are not crimes.

There are ample such techniques. Which are unethical but assist you greatly in winning. Out of which, five are as below:

Data from Hole Card

A hole card means when you see the card which is faced down. This usually happens when the dealer dealt with the cards with a little caution. This gives the player an edge over the dealer during a game. It is not illegal. But, morally wrong. This loophole does not get you into legal trouble. But, on finding out, the casino can ask you to leave. As they reserve the right to do so. This strategy is used in games like blackjack. You can choose to stand or hit the card as per the information you have.

Counting the cards

As you may have seen in a lot of movies about counting cards. In those movies, players are not allowed to use a card counting strategy. However, that’s not true. This strategy assists the gambler in online gambling. You can beat the dealer with it. Just keep your eyes and mind open. Watch closely the dealt cards. Once you see a pattern, the dealer’s hand can be guessed. This may look morally wrong. Even a few casinos find it illegal. Still, many gamblers do it.

Middling Bets

This is a strategy that doesn’t ensure hefty winning. In fact, it helps to minimize the losses. As per this, betting is on both sides in online gambling. For instance, the gambler placed a bet on both teams involved. Bets are made by separate bookmakers. Whatever the outcome is, the loss will be minimal. Don’t forget, it will not give you a huge profit. Also, it isn’t even ethical. But, a lot of gambling sites offer to bet openly. Gamblers can bet with multiple ids. There are online gambling sites, which allow you to bet differently from a single ID. Nowadays, online gambling follows a similar pattern.

Collecting Bonus

A lot of rookie gamblers go in search of Bonuses. In online gambling, a ‘playing bonus’ is often given. Even when the user signs up. He or She is given a bonus to start playing. This is a trick of casinos to get you into playing. Once the player loses the bonus, the urge to play rises. Now, to make a profit out of bonuses, gamblers need to take care of two things. Firstly, the bonus can be withdrawn after completing the basic requirements. And secondly, the requirements can be completed prior to losing the whole bonus. This will require extensive research to earn such a bonus on online gambling sites.

Weak Player’s game

The name itself seems unethical. Under this strategy, an experienced player invites or plays with weak players only. For obviously, to win their money. Even though some don’t find it wrong to do. As, no one is playing forcefully. Every player is free to play and leave the table. In fact, few players do not mind losing to have some fun. But, if we start from the beginning, one can not arrange a poker game legally. But, in some areas, it is allowed under small pots. Thus, people do not mind doing that. They do not even think of it as an ethical or unethical approach.


Online gambling is legal in many areas. Even gambling in live casinos is legal in many countries. But, you must be aware of the legal rules and regulations about playing. Before entering a casino you must do one thing, It does not matter, whether it is an online or offline casino. Read the rules and regulations about the casino. It will help you to understand the ethical and legal views of the casino.   Using your brain to do so, is never wrong. But, if casinos find out you are doing so. They will not want you to play anymore.

As a casino never wants to lose.

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