The Positive Progression Betting System: A Guide

The Positive Progression Betting System is one of the most popular tactics in gambling. The whole purpose of playing online casino games is to win. Some people play without any money involved while others try to make money. In any situation winning the game is vital.

To win any game, you must have a good game plan. The game plan should be about the things we can control. The positive progressive betting system is one such game plan. Now to understand the procedure you must know more about it. So let us know about the positive progressive betting system without further ado.

Working Of Positive Progression Betting System

The word progressive itself says a lot about the system. When you are playing and as you progress you will increase your stacks. Now the progression can be negative or positive. So there are two progression systems. 

Positive Progression Betting system: 

In this system, you will increase your betting value after every win. So suppose you have starting amount of 2 bucks. After your win, you will bet for 4 bucks, and after the next win 8 bucks, and so on.

Negative Progression Betting system: 

here you will double your original betting amount after every loss. The same as positive progression you will increase your amount but after every loss. So let’s say you start with 2. If you win the next round, the amount for the next bet will be 2. But after your loss, you will bet for 4 bucks in the next round.

Two Applications Of Positive Progression Betting System

There are two ways of applying for a positive progression betting system. The first way is to increase your stack value after every win. The second way is to decrease your stack value after every loss. 

However, most players go for the first way as it gives more profit. The whole purpose of this system is to maximize your profits and minimize your losses.

Let us understand it with a Paroli example.

Application Of Positive Progression Betting System In Paroli 

In Paroli you spin the wheel, and it lands red or black. Sometimes it is a tie and your land is on zero. The third possibility is rare but still a possibility. So now let us use the positive progression betting system here.

Now you will bet for red or black with starting amount of 10 bucks. As zero is rare we will assume your pick is red. So here is what you will do in every outcome:

  1. If the outcome is red, you double your amount for the next round
  2. If the outcome is black, you bet the same amount.
  3. In the rare case of zero, you will go with the same amount for the next round.

For the first bet, you place red and you win. Initial amount 10, won 10, total 20

Now you will increase it to 10. The betting amount is 20, after the win, it will be 40

Now, for the Third round, you will bet 40, and after the win, it will be 80.

As you can see with a normal betting system, you would have a profit of 30. But here your profit is 80. And if you win 5 rounds your profit will 150. Also, you will notice your loss is minimum if you play for a longer period.

Why People Opt For Positive Progression Betting System

The reason why this system is popular is its simple yet effective plan. Everyone can understand and implement the system instantly. Also, this system makes more sense as it follows certain patterns. 

Some players even use this system as they can make maximum profit. Like if it is your day you can win a lot more than you can think.

Final Words

The positive progression betting system is a good way to win. However, it is just a system after all, and gambling depends on luck and skill. So if you are out of luck no system can work for you. But there are always wins and losses, it is important to enjoy them both. 

The vital reason to play any game is to enjoy it. There will some days when you will lose for sure. Yet you should be able to play with the same energy next time.

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