The Dream Catcher Casino Review – How to Play and Rules

Dream Catcher rules are perhaps among the simplest of all live casino games, but before you start playing with real money, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with how to play. This blog contains a comprehensive guide to the game’s rules. Learn how to win and how to play.

What is Dream Catcher?

During the ICE industry gaming convention in 2017, Evolution Gaming introduced the Dream Catcher game online. The game was the first in the live gaming specialist’s new Money Wheel category. Table games dominated live casinos before the game’s introduction. The developer built Dream Catcher to appeal to casino, slots, and bingo gamers who do not often play table games.

The game has a massive, vertically mounted wheel with 54 colored segments. There are 52 different numbers in these segments: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. The wheel also has two multiplier segments, x2 and x7.

Players place wagers on which number they believe the wheel will land on. A specialized studio in Riga streams the game in up to HD resolution. Multiple camera angles and close-ups contribute to the thrill, creating an immersive playing environment. Bright colors, flashing lights, and powerful sound effects give the studio a gameshow air. Dealers are energetic and colorful hosts of the game. They keep the enthusiasm up by conversing with participants during the game.

The mix of easy Dream Catcher rules, a welcoming ambiance, and the possibility of large multiplier winnings create a one-of-a-kind live gaming experience. It caters to a broad spectrum of gamers, from newcomers to seasoned casino players. The game has not only become a fan favorite among players, but it has also received industry recognition, winning the coveted title of Digital Product of the Year 2017 at the renowned Global Gaming Awards.

How to Play Dream Catcher?

Playing Dream Catcher is a piece of cake. To play the Money Wheel game, you place a wager on the number you believe the wheel will come to rest on. The dealer then spins the wheel. The winning section is signaled by the leather pointer at the top of the wheel when the wheel comes to a halt. Any winning number bets will be paid out at their appropriate odds. Learn how to play Dream Catcher in three easy steps:

  • Choose your bet size and place your money.
  • The wheel spins to determine the winning number.
  • It then pays out the winning bets.

You must put any bets within the table limitations indicated on the screen. A traffic light system will signal when bets may be set (green), when betting time is almost up (amber), and when you can place no more bets for the current round (red).

To place a bet, choose the value of the chip you want to wager. After you’ve picked your chip, you put your wager by simply clicking on the number of your choice on the betting space in front of the wheel. With each subsequent click, you may increase your stake.

Players can gamble on one or all six betting areas. There’s also a Wager ON ALL option that lets you swiftly put a bet that covers all bet places.

The dealer spins the wheel after finalizing the bets. Following the establishment of the winning number and payout of all winning bets, betting begins for the next round of the game. You will then have the choice of repeating the previous wager, doubling the amount, or placing a new bet.

Payouts and the House Advantage

Live Dream Catcher payments are simple to understand. If you wager on one, you get rewarded at 1/1. If you bet on two, you get 2/1, 5/1, and so on.

Each wheel number represents a different number of segments on the wheel. The most often occurring number is 1. It covers the most yellow elements but pays the least. The number 40 covers the lone red section. The red-colored sector, with 40 jobs, pays the least.

The RTP of Live Dream Catcher ranges from 90.57% to 96.57%. The best RTP is 96.57%, somewhat higher than the average for online slots. This results in a house edge ranging from 3.43% to 9.43%.

Final Thoughts

Dream Catcher, a live casino game, has quickly established itself as one of the most engaging and thrilling. It features the simplest regulations, making it suitable for those new to the live casino segment. Simultaneously, the entertaining game will meet the expectations of experienced casino players who need a more engaging and sociable gaming environment.

A TV show-like light show and great graphics accompany this Money Wheel game. Additionally, it has some of the best legal sellers. Overall, playing this excellent luck-based live casino game is something you just cannot pass up.

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