Table Game With The Best Odds At A Casino

If you are a lover of any specific casino table game. And, you are short of money to bet. You definitely go for the games which have the highest winning odds. And, this article will assist you to figure it out. Before we proceed further, be clear on one of the facts about the casino table game. No matter how good you are. Also, even the odds are comparatively higher. Do not forget, the house always wins. However. you must keep a check on the budget. And, try not to exceed it.

Let’s get to the point. There are majorly three casino table games. Which has a higher winning probability than the rest of the games. Those are:

  1. Craps
  2. Blackjack
  3. Baccarat


Craps is an interesting casino table game. It involves a dice. ‘Shooter’ is the one who rolls the dice. The rest of the players make bets. Now when the dice are rolled for the first time. If it brings 7 or 11, the player wins. And, if the sum is 2, 3, or 12, the roller wins. Now, if none of the above numbers comes, the dice are rolled again. Now, let’s say, the number is different from the winning or losing ones. For instance, we got 8. Thus, the roller has to get 8 before 7. And, if he or she gets 7 before 8. Then the player is the winner.

Now, let’s talk about the winning odds. The house has betting odds of just 1.4 percent. As a result, your winning chance is almost 50 percent.


This casino table game involves cards. You play with the dealer. This is a multiplayer game. But, none of the players play against each other. Instead, all try to win from the dealer. Both dealers and players have equal odds of winning, i.e who will be closer to the sum of 21. Cards are drawn one by one. Now the players and dealers compete. If the dealer busts first, then the player wins or vice-versa. Bust means, crossing the number 21. Whoever is closest to the number wins. It gives an equal chance to both the house and the players. Though, the player needs both luck and skills. If you are able to figure out the probable next card, you can definitely enhance the odds of winning.


This game is similar to blackjack. However, this is much easier to play. This is a pure luck casino table game. It involves the player and the banker. Both draw one card, one after another. You can bet on any of the players. Whoever’s card is closer to 9, wins. House winning percentage lies between 1.20 to1.40 because

this casino table game has higher table limits. That’s the reason players prefer blackjack more. If you want to have fun and earn small amounts. Also, with higher winning odds, you can opt for Baccarat.

The above three casino table games have much higher odds than other games. Poker is one of those. Which, provides free-hand cards. Also, dealers have quite high odds of winning. As a result, if you are not able to grab the playing techniques of poker. The winning odds for a player goes quite low.


All in all, the games like, baccarat, blackjack, and craps favor highly players. But, if you want to choose the one with the highest winning chances. Then, blackjack is my first choice. It requires additional effort at the beginning and moreover, the need to learn the basics. Also, if you can learn the additional skills of counting cards. The odds of winning are above 70 percent. This casino table game is quite often played in movies.


Though, the odds might favor you. Even with all of the tricks and skills, you can not blindly follow this data. House always wins. Therefore, never try to bet on the basis of the data you have. The luck factor plays the utmost important role. If luck does not favor you. No matter how good your techniques are. you can not win the casino table game. So, just be aware of the fact that betting is not based on a sole factor. Try to be strict with your budget.

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