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SureCash is a leading FinTech product in Bangladesh. We serve more than 20 million customers. As well as 1,500 payment partners in partnership with four local banks in Bangladesh. It includes one of the largest state-owned banks. Like Rupali Bank Limited. We offer a wide range of mobile banking services. And payments such as personal transfers (P2P) and government payments. Education payments (also known as ‘EDU pay’), utility bills, and a few other nationwide payments of goods and services. Customers can access/withdraw from over 180,000 retail agents nationwide.

We have developed our brand. Technology that focuses on linking academic institutions. Government education programs and resources reach national borders. SureCash can proudly be called the ‘FinTech made in Bangladesh’. Thich gives it great resilience and power in providing more than just MFS business services. We also provide custom-based software solutions in various fields of education. And agriculture to make the system digital and improve efficiency.

SureCash believes in a culture of equality, cooperation, and justice. We embrace empowerment and creativity in our work environment that is always healthy. With the help of industry veterans and their transformative leadership, Sure Cash is a place to be counted.

SureCash is another potential MFS platform. Launched by Pragoti Systems Ltd in 2015. Sure Cash represents an open network of payment deposits with several local banks. 

And more than 1,000 payment partners. Sure Cash develops its special focus through government education programs. Also, schools, colleges, resources, etc.

SureCash MFS offers cash transfers in and/or withdrawal, in-person (P2P)

Currency transactions, remittances, service debt payments, government costs/fees, tuition fees payments, purchases of goods and services, etc.

Clients can enjoy the SureCash MFS forum by downloading the SureCash app on Google Play Store.

Betting sites accept SureCash

The online payment gateway allows you to deposit and withdraw from online casinos in Bangladesh. And activate credit cards, debit cards, or mobile payments. The Info-Tech payment gateway service incorporates security measures. It verifies each credit card number. It detects potential criminal attempts prior to the execution of the operation. The online Payment Gateway Service Provider in Bangladesh is zoo Info Tech. Zoo info Tech is one such website that accepts sure cash. 

Let’s look up some important numbers. Like a guaranteed financial help number, menu code, limit, and service charge. Currently, the name of Bangladesh’s most popular mobile banking bank is guaranteed. Rupali Bank is convinced that money is a unique mobile bank in Bangladesh. Therefore, It started its service in 2014. 

And Some of the casino sites that accepts sure cash payment methods are 1xbet betway, megapari, leon & fun88.

How to register in SureCash

SureCash is a pre-paid portfolio. That allows users to make online payments. Deposits & withdrawals from the casinos in Bangladesh. The user needs to visit the agent’s place to fill out the wallet and can also issue a balance. Sure Cash works with 6 local banks, 5 small financial institutions, about 300 paying partners, and more than 35,000 trading agents to provide banking and payment services to more than 700,000 end customers. Therefore, Sure Cash is a product of Progoti Systems Ltd.

  • Your mobile phone
  • Any government-sanctioned photo ID (National ID)
  • 2 copies of passport-size photographs

The agent will check all of your documents and provide a customer unlock of the form. With your valid information Fill out the form. After filling out the form, the agent will open an account on your mobile phone.

After completing the account opening. You will receive an SMS asking you to set a PIN Code. Please keep your PIN private. After a few minutes, you will receive another SMS on your mobile phone confirming the opening of the Sure Cash MFS account.

To successfully complete the process. Your mobile number will be your Sure Cash wallet with a digital check generated by the system. It means the user’s Wallet number will be 12 digits. By using this wallet you can make various payments. Such as service bills, personal fees, online purchases, and tuition fees using your phone.

How to make a payment with Sure Cash

The Sure Cash MFS platform includes special features for online casinos. Now you can do payments easily with sure cash in online casinos. It not only saves time but also reduces its suffering. To access this service, dial * 495 # then navigate to the Sure Cash USSD menu. Then, press the ANSWER tab and enter 3 (for payment). And follow the procedure stated on the Sure Cash website.

Like bKash, SureCash MFS provides a usage bill payment service. You can pay the municipal bills and service charges with Sure Cash. It gets it removes the stress of visiting any service office or debt repayment bank. 

  • Just dial * 495 #
  • then open your SureCash USSD menu. Press Rotate the tab and enter 3 (Payment). Then follow the designated program.
  • Sure Cash MFS allows you to purchase goods online, which is a blessing for busy people. 
  • the process is quite simple. Just choose what you want a product and go to cart (payment).
  •  Then, select Sure Cash as a payment method and install your own Sure Cash wallet number. Where payment is available. 
  • When you are done, you will receive a confirmation SMS.

Another feature of SureCash MFS is the Credit Card payment option. To enjoy this service:

  • call * 495 # and navigate to your Sure Cash USSD menu. 
  • After clicking on the ANSWER tab, enter ‘3 ‘
  • (Payment).
  • Then, enter ‘credit card payment’ as KEYWORD. Select the credit card type. And insert your credit card number. 
  • After the completion of the payment process. You will get an SMS confirmation.
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