Popular online casino games in Bangladesh

As per the laws of Bangladesh, all kinds of gambling are not allowed within its borders. Despite that, casinos have become very popular in the country. While horse racing and lottery tickets are legally allowed, all other gambling activities are strictly illegal in Bangladesh.

Gambling has not been illegal in the country for a very long time. The Public Gambling Act is the most important law for gambling in the country. Notably, this law does not allow any forms of gambling in the state.

However, there has been a very big rise in the fans of casinos in Bangladesh. This has led to the laws being adopted in recent years. Horse racing and lottery are two forms of gambling that are allowed in the country under the law. But, casinos, as of now, are still illegal! However, since no laws exist to prevent online casinos from operating, they have become big in Bangladesh. And people from the country use online sites to play casinos all the time.

In this article, we will go through the most popular casino games in Bangladesh.

Slot machine

Slots are easily the most famous casino games. In fact, almost every casino offers slots to its users. One of the reasons for slots being so popular is that they are very easy to play! Besides, these machines don’t need any prior knowledge of gambling. Thus, anyone can play them with a very small bet.

A typical slot machine has spin reels and a lever. The reels have different symbols on them that can represent anything from fruits to numbers. You pull the lever after placing a bet and hope to get a combination with a payout.

A computer screen is used to handle everything in the online casino mode. Thus, you have to click on the lever after placing the bet. The rest remains the same. There are a few benefits that online casinos have over their classical counterparts. For instance, free slots and higher payback chances are very common in online slot machines!

Free slots work exactly the way they sound. And most online casinos offer them. Thus, you do not have to place a bet to play these free slots! Most online casinos can afford to offer free slots as they do not have to worry about costs such as the location of the casino. These free slots are thus used by online casinos to lure users into liking the game. The user will ten eventually get hooked and start making bets to lay more.

Notably, slots are random and thus you cannot have an exact strategy to win at slots! Besides, the odds of winning and the odds of payouts are not equal. This is because the casinos always have an edge over the players in slots. Thus, you should not be too serious but rather enjoy the game and bet carefully.


Blackjack is also very popular in the casino world. The main aim of the game is to get cards that are equal to 21 or a number close to 21. The main reason why the game is so popular is that it is quite fast-paced. Another reason is that it gives you the best odds of beating the casino! Some people refer to the game as 21.

The main objective of the game is to beat the dealer. And how do you beat the dealer? In short, there are three ways by which you can beat the dealer in Blackjack:

  1. You draw a hand value that is higher than that of the dealer.
  2. The dealer ends up drawing a higher hand value than 21.
  3. You draw a hand value of 21 on your first two cards and the dealer fails to do the same.

Next, you need to know how you can lose to the dealer. This can happen if:

  1. You draw a hand value that is higher than 21.
  2. The dealer has a greater hand value than you when the round ends.

Also, your cards will decide your hand value. There are 52 cards in the deck. The value of cards 2 to 10 is the same as their face value. This means that a card numbered 2 will count as 2 and that numbered 5 will count as 5. Further, the cards J, Q, and K count as 10. Lastly, the ace will count as 1 or 11 based on whatever number gives you the best odds against the dealer.

In Blackjack, you only have to beat the dealer. Thus, all the players on a table are irrelevant. You are not playing against them. You are only playing to beat the dealer.


Poker is popular among people because it involves playing against each other instead of the casino/bookmaker. Thus, in poker, the advantage that casinos have over players (in other games) is minimized. All the players competing against each other are on a level playing field. However, it is not easy to win poker.

Poker is basically a card game. There are five cards in front of you. Next, you can remove the low-value cards and pull out cards from the pile in front of you. By doing this, you can get better value cards from the pile.

Whoever has the best card combination wins, also known as the hand. Players play against each other and the player with the highest hand value wins. Additionally, if a player can bluff another player out of the hand, then they win the game.

Online poker sites do have a physical location just like the real poker venues. But these locations are used to store their servers, their customer support staff, etc. and this physical location is very important. This is because the physical location of the online poker will decide which laws apply to it. Thus, if the site you use is based in the US, then you will have to follow the rules set by gaming authorities in the US.

Lastly, all poker sites have cashier sections which you can use to add money or cash out your wins. Depending on where you are playing from, the options available in this section will vary.


Craps is another very famous casino game that has been around for a long time now. While it may seem complex from the outside, it is actually very simple. Lots of people play the game in real casinos as well as online.

It is the purpose of the game to make bets on what two dice will roll! That seems quite simple. But there are a few more details you need to know. In dice games, the shooter throws the dice. The shooter will first roll the dice to determine the point. Following the establishment of the point, the shooter will throw another dice. Now, there are three possible outcomes:

  1. If the dice turn up with the point number, most players win. The game will now reset and start again.
  2. If the dice turns up a 7, most players lose. The game will now reset and start again.
  3. If the dice turn up any other number, they will be rolled again and again until one of the above two things happens.

This is the basic idea behind the game of craps. Lastly, the longer a game of craps will roll, the more money people at the table will make.

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