Poker Bet Sizing: Making A Decision About How Much To Bet

As we all know that betting is addicting. And if you combine games and betting, it will lead to huge amounts and consistent betting. Poker games are quite complex to play. Even pro poker players can not assure a hundred percent about their win. Amateur players always get confused about poker bet sizing. They are not able to look out for all the factors while playing their hand.

New players usually consider their own hands. They just feel that if the hand is strong, they will win. But, all factors are not taken into consideration. For instance, the cards of the opponent may make a stronger hand. Or, the opponent may know your strategy. Also, you might not be aware of his or her strategy. And, many other factors affect the end result of a poker game.

Therefore, one not just be aware of the time to bet, but also the amount to bet too. Poker bet sizing is the key tactic to learn.

Bet size on different Boards

There are majorly two types of hands. Those are coordinated and uncoordinated boards. Those affect the poker bet sizing a lot.

Coordinated Boards

As the name suggests, those are the cards with coordination. Such as straight, flush, and likewise. During such cards on the table, you must go for default bets. Usually, the dabblers bet the amount as per their hand. They raise the bet if the hand is strong and vice-versa. This makes the player predictable. However, if you place the bet as per the default amount. It will give you an edge over your opponents.

Uncoordinated Boards

Those are the cards on the table, which are not in either sequence nor in pairs. The cards are unpredictable in nature. For such cards on the table, the player’s hand must be strong. Most poker players bluff during such dealings. Now, an amateur player bluffs on an average hand with smaller bets. And, the opponent can afford to call this bluff. As one can clearly see that this is not a wise choice. And, this does not mean that you put a bigger amount on the bluff. Once again, one must consider all the factors to learn poker bet sizing.

The optimal bet size

To begin with, there is no optimal poker bet sizing. But yes, the default betting technique is good for beginners. However, you need to increase it to gain higher wins. But, there must be a strategy to do so. Play with a pattern to achieve the result you want. Let’s say if you want the opponent to call, or you want the other player to fold then you must play accordingly.

When to place low-amount bets?

You should start with smaller bets at the very beginning of the game. It will give you time to grasp the game. Moreover, the opponent will not be able to guess your hand.

Also, keep a check on your opponent’s equity. If he/she has a small amount left, you can place smaller bets to get his all money in.

Let’s take an example. Assume you have a royal flush. Which is the strongest hand in poker. And the opposite player is raising your bets too. This means he/she has a strong hand too. Also, if you are placing small bets, the opponent might think that you have a weak hand. This will do the trick.

When to place large amounts of bets?

The very first reason to place large bets is when the opponent has huge equity. Smaller bets will always end up being called by the player. Also, if you are placing small bets. There is a fair chance that when the opposite player brings in the bigger bets. You might end up folding, even with a strong hand. Moreover, you will not be able to call a bluff. A significantly large bet is three-fourths of the pot. This will make it look like you have pretty good cards.

We have another obvious situation. That is when you have one of the best hands. This is when you will keep on raising. In fact, you can double the bet as per the pot. This will bring a lot of money home.


All in all poker bet sizing is a technique that each poker player must master. Especially the new players in the game. They always play with aggression. Which is not the right way to play poker. The control of emotions is a must to play this.

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