Playing Andar Bahar Casino Games: A Complete Guide

Casinos are places where people go for entertainment, enjoyment, for earning money, and for trying luck. In casinos, people get an opportunity to play various types of games like poker, three-card poker, blackjack, craps, baccarat, etc. But one should always be careful while playing & bets on these games. He/she should have a sense of how they are playing, how much they are betting, and how much they are getting in return.

And this is another type of game, many people love to play. But not mentioned in the above games is the Andar bahar casino games. It is a very popular game amongst people.

But some people want to play the Andar bahar casino games but can’t because they don’t know how to play this game or some people think that it is quite hard work to learn how to play the Andar bahar games.

Today in this article we will help those people who want to play this game but they don’t know how to. This article will give detailed information about the game how to play it, what are the odds of winning, some tricks to win the game, etc.

So before knowing how to play the game let’s see what is Andar bahar games.

Andar Bahar games is a very simple game of prediction. So it is a game plays with a deck of cards; the dealer shuffles the cards and reveals the first card or joker. Players should place their bets in consideration of which box the joker will land in first (Andar or bahar). You win if you select the right box. The main objective of the game is to predict the right box.

So as you saw the game is quite simple it has certain rules that all players need to follow while playing.


  1. Andar Bahar games are played on a table with two sets of boxes named Andar and bahar. And also with a single deck of cards.
  2. And after each round, the deck is shuffled by the dealer.
  3. The game starts after the dealer places the first card known as the joker on the center of the table.
  4. Once all bets have been placed, dealer will call “no more bets” and then draw the cards for each box.
  5. The initial bets placed on the table are labeled as 1st bet for both boxes.
  6. After all the bets are placed the dealer calls “no more bets” after that, the dealer draws the cards for each box.
  7. If the joker appears on the bahar box then all those players who have placed their bets on the bahar box get paid 25% of their betting amounts. And in contrast, all the players who bet on andar box lost the round.
  8. All players who have placed bets on the andar box will be paid even money, and all players who have placed bets on the bahar box will lose.
  9. The players can place 2nd bet if the joker does not appear in the first two cards.
  10. After all the 2nd bets are placed the dealer calls “no more bets” and draws the cards for each box.
  11. The 2nd bet gets paid 25% of their betting amount if the first card is a joker.
  12. The players who win after this stage are paid even money or 1x of their initial bets.
  13. You can also place a Super Bahar bet by putting your chips in the box named super bahar. You can only place this bet during the 1st and 2nd bets on the bahar box.
  14. The payout for winning a super bahar bet is 11x.

How to play Andar Bahar games

  1. The Andar bahar games start after the dealer reveals the joker.
  2. All players must place their bets after the joker is revealed by placing chips on one of the two boxes (Andar or bahar Games)
  3. The first box in which the joker land wins the round.
  4. You win if your call matches the box that the joker lands in.


The game is very popular and fun to play. This game is very simple to learn entertaining and also has less risk involved if you place your bets correctly. If you follow the rules and the tricks mentioned above properly you can make some good returns.

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