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Casinos are usually of two types classic (land-based casino) and second online casinos. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Both types of casinos have huge popularity. Well, there is always a debate on which is the best casino.

But today we will not go into the debate. Today we will focus more on online casinos, online casino games, and money. In this article, you will get to know how you can win/earn real money by playing online casino games. This article will be useful for all those new players who are going to start or who have just started making use of online casinos.

What are online casinos?

Online casinos are also known as virtual casinos. You can make use of online casinos by using your mobile, laptop, and computer. You can visit it only virtually.

In simple words, online casinos are casinos that are not found in the real world. A player can only access them by using their mobile, laptops, or computers virtually. You can play online casino games by making use of different online casino websites or apps.

The risk with online casinos

Before moving to the money part you need to know what is the risk attached to online casinos.

1. Security concerns – There is always a security issue with online casinos. Anything online is not safe and secure. So you should make use of only reliable sites and apps while playing online casino games.

2. Fraud and scams – Many cases have come into the news regarding online casino scams and frauds. Many players have been scammed by fraudulent websites and apps. These websites and apps make use of your details and do scam you.

3.  Hacking – Many unpopular online casino websites are also used by hackers. So while using such sites you give an open invitation to the hackers to hack your bank account and get all the money.

4. Data leaking – Some online casino sites sell your data to other companies or individuals just to earn some extra cash. By this, your data can go into people’s hands like hackers. And also data leaking is one of the core reasons for scams and frauds.

Advantages of using online casinos

It’s not that online casino only has a bad side here are some of their advantages of it.

1. Popular – Online casinos are more popular than classic casinos.

2. Low house edges – Online casinos have low house edges when compared with classic casinos.

3. Convenience – You don’t need to leave your house to play casino games.

4. Variety of games – Online casinos have more (new) games when compared with the classic casino

How to win real money by playing free online casino games

Now coming to the core topic of the article many people might think that this is not simply possible. To earn money you will have to give something in return. But this is not the case for some online casino sites.

You can win real money by playing casino games on such sites. These sites usually offer free casino games to new users. They do this to advertise themselves.

They offer various schemes, gifts, and bonuses like

1. No deposit offers

2. Free online casino game offer

3. Win extra money offers

4. X2 your winning money offers, etc.

So you as a player can make use of such offers or bonuses to win real money by playing online casino games.

Below given are a few best sites which you can use to win real money by playing free online casino games.








So these were the top 7 sites that you can use to win real money.

Which casino games to play to win real money

Now let’s move on to which games you can play to win real money. See there are few games on which these casinos apply the condition of winning the money free. But this condition may differ from website to website.

Below given is the list of online casino games that you can play to win real money.

1. Roulette

2. Teen Patti

3. Blackjack

4. Rummy

5. Andar Bahar

6. Wheel of fortune

7. Slots

So these were the top 7 online casino games that you can play to win real money.


Online casino has their advantages and disadvantages. Many people use it while many oppose it. But winning real money by playing free online casino games is free. And this is possible by using popular websites and apps.

Always remember to use only reliable sources not just to win real money by playing free games but to also protect your details.

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