Online Slot and Their Hit Rates

What are hit rates?

Hit rates as the name suggests are the probability of winning by a player during online slots. Let’s make it clear with an example. As if the hit rate is 40 percent. Then, it means that the slot will hit the prize at the rate of 40%.

Usually, the hit rates in online slots lie between the range of 25-27 percent. It maxes out at 40%. There are even cases in which the hit rates are just 20 percent. Which is quite low to win.

In short, it doesn’t tell the size of the prize the player wins. Instead, gives the frequency of winning.

Hit Rates V/S RTP

RTP stands for return to player. It simply tells the amount of winning the gambler will get. For instance, if the RTP is 80% in an online slot game. It means that the gambler will get $80 if he/she gambled with $100. Therefore, it is clear that the RTP gives the amount that the gambler takes home at each game of the online slot. But of course, if he wins.

This isn’t a totally practical approach. It is purely conjectural. Based on the past data, the RTP is just being estimated. Even the hit rates are based on the records too. It doesn’t assure the players to win on online slot gaming.

Hit rates V/S Volatility rating

Hit rates are quite often considered similar to volatility. Even Though they are not. Still, they go hand to hand with each other in online slots. Under volatility ratings, the amount of winning and the hit rates are calculated simultaneously. Volatility ratings have basically three variances.

Those are low, medium, and high volatility rates. Online slots with a low volatility rate give an impression that the winning prize will be small but hit rates will be quite high. On the other hand, a high volatility rate is the inverse of this. the amount of winning will be much higher. Thirdly, the medium volatility rate. It is a combination of both. The winning amount and hit rates are average. It lies mid between low and high variance.
However, both hit rate and variance can not be verified. These are mere predictions. But, we can figure out the way through which winning can be maximized by following a decent hit rate.

Benefits of Hit Rate

The information about the hit rate is extremely useful in online slot gaming. Following are the major uses:

  1. One can predict how frequently they can win.
  2. It gives an idea about the number of winning opportunities.
  3. It helps to find out the paying pattern of online slots.
  4. Gamblers can become extra cautious by following through with this information.

Though it does not assure you to win online slot bets, it still can enhance the probability of winning.

What Hit Rate Lacks?

Hit rate aids gamblers in multiple ways. Still, there are some drawbacks that can not be ignored.

  1. It doesn’t assure you the results. This means the frequency of payouts is as per the past data. This does not make sure that the player is going to win as per the data.
  2. Volatility rate is quite more informative than hit rate. As it doesn’t tell the amount of winning.
  3. Not all online slot betting websites provide this data.


The hit rate is proved to be an important factor when choosing an online slot for betting. The data gives the frequency of winning as per the past records. Though, it does not assure you the future wins. It gives the percentage of wins as per the number of games played. For instance, if the hit rate is 25%. It states that the player wins one out of four games. In fact, the usual hit rate lies between 25% to 28%. Higher the hit rate, the better the chances of winning. However, don’t forget that it will not give the amount of winning.

I am glad that the readers will find this content useful. Also, will keep writing informative posts to keep you engaged. Coming back soon with such articles and help you to learn about the other informative as well as useful topics too.

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