Online Casino Bonuses: Sticky & Non-Sticky – How Does It Works

If you enjoy playing at online casinos, you’re probably familiar with the concept of a “casino bonus.” These bonuses are designed to provide players with additional funds to play. Whether it’s in the form of free spins or bonus money. However, not all casino bonuses are the same. It’s important to understand the differences between them. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the details of sticky and non-sticky bonuses and how they work.

Sticky Bonuses

Sticky bonuses are designed to be played with. You cannot withdraw the money. You can only use the bonus to play. This means that even after meeting the wagering requirements, the bonus remains in the player’s account. Sticky bonuses are usually larger than non-sticky bonuses. It can be used for playing various casino games.

One advantage of sticky bonuses is that they provide players with a higher starting balance. It will increase their chances of winning. However, sticky bonuses come with higher wagering requirements. It means that players need to bet more before they can cash out any winnings.

Sticky bonuses also have a shorter validity period than non-sticky bonuses. So the players must use them within a specific timeframe or risk losing them. Additionally, not all games can be played with sticky bonuses, so players must be mindful of which games they choose to play.

Non-Sticky Bonuses

Non-sticky bonuses, also known as “cashable” bonuses. It can be withdrawn once the wagering requirements have been met. Players can also use the bonus to play casino games. They can also withdraw any winnings they make without any restrictions.

Non-sticky bonuses are typically smaller than sticky bonuses. But they come with lower wagering requirements and longer validity periods. This makes them ideal for players who prefer to play at their own pace. It suits those who like the flexibility to withdraw their winnings whenever they like.

The primary disadvantage of non-sticky bonuses is that they don’t provide players with as much starting balance as sticky bonuses do. This means that players will need to make a deposit to increase their starting balance. This may not be ideal for players on a tight budget.

Wagering Requirements

Understanding wagering requirements is crucial when it comes to online casino bonuses. Wagering requirements are the number of times a player can bet the bonus amount before withdrawing any winnings amount.

For example, if a player receives a $100 bonus with a 30x wagering requirement, they will need to bet $3,000 before they can withdraw any winnings made with the bonus.

It’s important to note that not all games contribute equally to the wagering requirements. Slot machines typically contribute 100%. But the table games may only contribute 10% or less.

Types of Casino Bonuses

In addition to sticky and non-sticky bonuses, there are several other types of casino bonuses that players should be aware of. These include:

Deposit bonuses:

These are bonuses that are awarded when a player makes a deposit. They typically come in the form of a percentage match of the deposit amount, such as a 100% match bonus up to $500.

No-deposit bonuses:

These are bonuses that are awarded without the need to make a deposit. They are typically smaller than deposit bonuses. It comes with higher wagering requirements.

Free spins:

These are bonuses that allow players to spin the reels of a slot machine for free. They are typically awarded as part of a deposit bonus or no deposit bonus.

Cashback bonuses:

These are bonuses that provide players with a percentage of their losses back as bonus funds. Typically, companies award them on a weekly or monthly basis.

Casino Terms and Conditions

Before accepting any online casino bonus, it’s important to read the terms and conditions carefully. This will help players understand the wagering requirements, validity period, and any game restrictions that apply to the bonus.

Players should also be aware of any restrictions or limitations that apply to the bonus. Example maximum bet limits or game exclusions. Failure to comply with these restrictions can result in a loss. Players can forfeit the bonus and have any winnings voided.


Online casino bonuses can enhance your gaming experience. It will also potentially increase your winnings. However, it’s crucial to understand the different types of bonuses, such as sticky and non-sticky bonuses. And the wagering requirements that come with them.

Sticky bonuses can provide players with a higher starting balance. But they also come with higher wagering requirements and shorter validity periods. On the other hand, players can withdraw non-sticky bonuses once they meet the wagering requirements. But these bonuses usually come with lower starting balances.

Understanding the various types of casino bonuses, such as deposit bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, free spins, and cashback bonuses, is also essential. Lastly, reading the casino terms and conditions carefully before accepting any bonus is crucial to avoid any surprises and ensure a positive gaming experience.

With all this information in mind, players can make informed decisions when it comes to choosing and using online casino bonuses. Happy gaming!

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