Mastering The All Bets Blackjack Strategy For Playtech Blackjack

Playtech’s All Bets Blackjack is an exciting variation of the classic casino game. It offers unique betting options and strategic possibilities. In this article, we will delve into the All Bets Blackjack strategy. And provide you with a complete understanding of the game. Also, about its optimal gameplay approach. By following this strategy, you can increase your chances of success and maximize your winnings at the Playtech Blackjack table.

Understanding All Bets Blackjack

All Bets Blackjack are the same as in traditional blackjack. Where players aim to obtain a hand with a total value closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand. And of course, without exceeding 21. But, this variant introduces several unique betting options that can significantly enhance the gameplay experience and potential winnings.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

A thing to do before diving into the specifics of the All Bets Blackjack strategy. It is quite important to understand all the basics of blackjack strategy. The basic blackjack strategy is a set of rules that guides players on how to make mathematically optimal decisions. And those are as per the player’s hand and the dealer’s up-card. It involves actions such as hitting, standing, doubling down, and splitting pairs. Get to know those with the basic blackjack strategy. It will help you to use the All Bets Blackjack strategy effectively.

Incorporating the All Bets Blackjack Side Bets

1. Perfect Pairs:

The Perfect Pairs in Blackjack side bet is a kind of optional wager. It allows players to bet on the possibility of their initial two cards being a perfect pair. It means two identical cards in rank and suit. For example, two Kings of Hearts would be a perfect pair. This side bet offers various payouts depending on the type of pair achieved. But, it’s important to note that the Perfect Pairs side bet generally carries a higher house edge compared to the main game. Thus, it is advisable to use this bet sparingly. And primarily focus on the main game strategy.

2. 21+3:

The 21+3 side bet is another optional wager. It does combine the player’s first two cards as well as the dealer’s up-card. It is to form a new three-card poker hand. Various poker hand combinations result in different payouts. Such as flushes, straights, or three-of-a-kind. Similar to the Perfect Pairs side bet, the 21+3 bet carries a higher house edge. It is better to approach this side bet with caution. And primarily prioritize the main game strategy while considering the 21+3 bet as an additional opportunity for potential winnings.

All Bets Blackjack Strategy

1. Hand Selection:

When playing All Bets Blackjack, the basic blackjack strategy remains the cornerstone of your gameplay. This strategy guides you in making optimal decisions for your hand. You can use the strategies as per the value of cards in your hand as well as the dealer’s up-card. It provides a complete set of rules on when to hit, double down, stand, or split pairs. If you follow this basic blackjack strategy. You can definitely decrease the house edge. Also, you can even increase the chances to win the main game.
Hit does mean taking another card.
Stand does mean keeping your current hand.
Double down means doubling your initial bet and taking one more card.
Split pairs mean dividing a pair into two separate hands.

2. Side Bet Timing:

Creating the side bets in All Bets Blackjack requires strategic timing. It is generally recommended to prioritize the main game strategy first. And make optimal decisions for your hand. Once you have established a solid foundation using the basic Playtech blackjack strategy. You can consider placing the side bets strategically. Check the situation of the game. Also, observe all the cards on the table. And calculate the odds. If the odds are in your favor and the sum of the payout is more than the risk. You can definitely place the side bets as per that. But, it’s quite important to use those strategies with caution. And avoid depending too much on side bets. Usually, they carry high house edges.


If you want to master the All Bets Blackjack strategy for Playtech Blackjack. You need to understand all the basics of blackjack strategy. Also, make the right decisions regarding the side bets. You need to focus on one main game strategy. You can do it by using the basic blackjack strategy. Also, use caution while going for side bets. Thus, you can improve your gameplay experience. And also it will increase the chances of winning at the table of Playtech Blackjack. Remember to set limits, gamble responsibly, and enjoy the thrill of the game.

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