Know The Important Bonus Terms For Online Casinos

Casinos are of two types. That are land-based casinos and online casino. Both of them have their own benefits and disadvantages. Where land-based casinos are illegal in some countries people make use of online casinos.

Online casinos include different apps and websites from different developers. People make use of online casinos if land-based casinos are illegal in their countries. But many people prefer online casinos over land-based casinos even if land-based casinos are legal in their countries.

The reason is simply that online casinos offer their users many types of bonuses and welcome gifts that land-based casinos don’t. So today in this article we will discuss with you some of the different online casino bonus terms and some of the important bonuses. 

So let’s start the article.

Online casino bonus terms

There are many terms and conditions or requirements for getting or winning bonuses in online casinos. Below are a few major and important terms that you will have to fulfill to win or get online bonuses.

1. Wagering requirements

It means that a player must use the bonus multiple times before it withdrawing it in cash. This is a very important term in online bonuses. Many people don’t understand this requirement or term cleanly. But we will help you to get familiar with wagering requirements through an example given below.

Example: A 30x bonus rollover on a $50 bonus


You will have to wager $1,500 on casino games. To unlock the earnings and the bonus money.

2. Game wagering contribution

This means your wagering requirements can only be fulfilled on specific casino games that are listed on the terms and conditions. In simple words, you will or can get casino bonuses only on the games that are listed in the terms.

3. Maximum bet limit

This means you should not bet over a specific amount or limit to meet the wagering terms. We can understand this term with a simple example.

Example: The maximum bet limit on a particular game might be $20. Now you cannot bet more than $20.

4. Bonus expiry

The wagering terms should be completed within a maximum of two week time period. And if you fail to do it all your bonus will be removed or canceled.

So these were the 4 most common terms that are used when it comes to online casino bonuses. Including these, there are other terms also. Different online casino platforms have different terms for bonuses. So it is also beneficial to read all those terms and conditions, requirements, etc carefully.

So now that you know about common online casino bonus terms. Let’s move on to the top 5 important bonuses.

Top 5 Important Bonuses

Given below are common and very familiar bonuses that are offered by almost all casino platforms.

1. Welcome Bonus

This bonus is common on all online casino platforms. The welcome bonus is given to new players who make their accounts on the casino platforms. This bonus is given as a complimentary gift to new users. Players can get a bonus of approximately 200% after depositing their first amount. This percentage of bonus can differ from platform to platform. Some online casinos even offer welcome bonuses on a second or third deposit. The criteria to get this bonus is to deposit your first amount.

2. Monthly bonuses

Many online casinos offer monthly bonuses to loyal players at the end or starting of the month. This bonus may or may not be given to all the players. Also, some platforms might give this bonus while some might want it. It’s totally on the online casino to give or not give this bonus.

3. Game-specific bonus

Basically, this bonus is for specific games in online casinos. This bonus is offered to increase the strategy to increase to reach and popularity of certain games. This bonus allows you to increase your skill and gameplay in a particular casino game.

4. High Roller bonuses

This bonus is given to players who frequently win bonuses. A high roller bonus can give a player anywhere between cash rewards, VIP treatments, etc. High roller bonuses give players more opportunities to earn exclusive rewards.

5. No deposit bonus

This bonus also targets new players. However, the catch in this bonus is that you don’t need to make any deposits to get this bonus. After you create an account you are eligible to win this bonus. The wagering and withdrawal options may differ from different online casino platforms.


The article gives you all the details about the common terms and important bonuses. The idea here is to read all the terms and conditions whenever you visit an online casino platform or whenever you want to get any information about bonuses. You should always know the terms and conditions of a particular bonus.

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