Know The Casino Table Games That Have The Best Odds?

In casinos, there are many games that a player can play according to his requirements and likings. Because casinos have many games it becomes difficult for players to know which game is easy and which games are hard. The meaning of easy and hard here are not in terms of playing but in terms of winning.

This means due to many games people find it difficult to know or understand which casino games have the best and the worst odds of winning. In every casino, the games which attract most of most people are table games. These are the most played games in any casino.

So today in this article we will discuss with you the top 3 casino table games that have the best odds and worst odds of winning. The article will give you all the detailed information about the best and the worst games in terms of winning.

So let’s start the article.

We will first start with the good casino table games that provide the players with good odds of winning.

Top 3 casino table games that have good chances of winning

1. Blackjack

We start the list with a very popular game played by everybody in casinos. Blackjack has the best odds of winning. It has a house edge of only 1-3 percent. The reason why it has the best odds is that you as the player are playing only with the dealer and not with champion casino players.

Having the best odds of winning it is also the easiest game to play in a casino. When looking at the percentage of winning the player has an advantage of approximately about 42 percent over the casino. So it is a very good game with the best chances of winning.

2. Craps

Don’t get fooled by the name. It is a very interesting table game that everyone likes to play in a casino. Craps is very easy to play just like blackjack. It is played with dice all a player has to do is guess the number that will come on the dice that’s it.

Being very easy it is also a game that has a good chance of winning. It nearly gives the player a cut-to-cut or a 50-50 chance of winning. When talked about in percentage a player has approximately about 22% chance of getting a natural number, an 11% chance of crapping out, and a 66% chance of rolling a point number.

3. Roulette

A list without roulette will always be an incomplete list. Roulettes are seen as the hearts of casinos people usually know casinos because of the spinning wheel of roulette. Just like the other two games mentioned above, this is also an easy game to play.

You just have to choose the number on which the white ball will fall after the dealer spins the wheel if you get it right you win and if not you lose. The chances of winning a roulette game are 50-50 only if you choose one of the two colors either red or black. Because if you stick red and the ball falls on red and on the same number you win and can double your bets.

Now let’s move to the 3 games that you should stay away from these three games have the worst odds of winning.

Top 3 games that have the worst odds of winning

1. Wheel of fortune

The reason this game has the worst odds of winning is that the house edge is more on this game. You play this game by placing a bet on which segment the wheel will stop the segments are labeled as $1, $5, $10, $20, and joker. It is wise to place the bet on $1 which has only an 11% house edge but also has the worst payouts.

But some players bet on the joker which is their biggest mistake because the house has a 76% chance of winning. So you should stay away from the wheel of fortune because it has low payouts and a high house edge. The chance of winning the game is only around 26%

2.  Slots

Slots are classic casino games. Yes, they are entertaining but you should not play this game for long because this game can eat up your pocket very fast.

Slots games are games in which you put the money in the slot machines and pull the lever and to win the game you are required to get a pair of three things like ($$$, 777). The chances of getting all three pairs are very rare. So slot machines are good for fun but not for winning.

3. Poker

Poker is a very unpredictable game because here everything is important to luck and skills. Luck is important. You get random cards and skills are important because you have to know to use that cards in the right way.

The reason poker has fewer chances of winning is that here you are not playing against the dealer you are playing against some skilled poker player. So if you are a beginner and want to win poker you must be very skillful and if you are not then you should not even think about playing it in a casino.


Always playing casino table games you should be aware of whether you will win the game or not. And whether the game has good odds of winning or not. Because if you play games with the best odds it will fill up your pockets. And if you don’t then your pockets will be empty in no time.

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