Know The 7 Reasons Why You Are Crap At Poker Games

In casinos, there are many games some are hard to understand and on the other hand, some are easy to understand. The games like poker and blackjack require a player to have complete knowledge of the game to win it.

For today we will only focus on poker. On the internet, there are many articles on how to improve yourself in poker. But there are very few articles on the reasons why you are bad at poker.

This article will be a little different from the articles found on the internet. The article will give you all the common reasons that are becoming a hurdle for you in poker.

What is poker?

Poker is a very common casino game found in both online and offline casinos. Poker is a type of comparing card games. In poker a player bets over which hand is the best according to that particular game’s rule. Usually, the rules of the game are similar in all casinos but some casinos might add some extra rules to make the game fun.

7 reasons why you are not improving at poker

The reasons might change from person to person. Different people will have different reasons for not being crap at poker. But here we will discuss with you the top 7 problems/reasons that are faced by most of the players.

Below given is a list of 7 common reasons which will tell you why you are crap at poker.

1. Mentality

To win poker you must have confidence in yourself. People with weak mentalities might not win poker at all. The simple formula to win in poker is Be calm, Be rational, and Have confidence in yourself.

You should handle the pressure well and be calm while you are playing the game. Many people do this mistake they keep on losing the games but still, they keep on playing hoping that at some point they will win and cover up all the losses incurred before. This is the worst mistake done by players to win the game you should also be practical. You can just play poker in the hope that after losing some much at one point you will win. This is wrong to win at poker you should also be rational/practical.

2. No basic knowledge

No will never win at poker if you don’t know the basics of the game thoroughly and even if you win it would be by fluke or luck. To win many rounds in poker you will have to understand the basics of the game very thoroughly. Not knowing the basics will make it difficult for you to analyze and understand the game and make your next move.

3. Table selection

Now, this is a very important thing to do if you are playing poker in offline casinos. Selecting the table as per your comfort zone, experience, and knowledge is very important. The reason why many people don’t win at poker is that they select the table which will have the most experienced players, who will have more knowledge about the game than you. So always remember to lose at poker select the table with players that are just out of your league and to win at poker select a table that will have players of your league.

4. Not making proper bets

Not making proper bets equals losing in poker. Many players bet too small even if they have big hands and many players bet too big even if they have small hands. So knowing how much to bet by looking at your cards is important for winning at poker. You make the wrong bet you lose, you make a right bet you win it’s that simple.

5. Bankroll management

Many players don’t believe in bankroll management. You might risk a lot if you have not bankrolled for the table stacks. Bankroll is very important as you will experience winning and losing in poker very much. Bankroll management is just like insurance.

6. Out of position

Many people in poker play out of position. This gives you a chance for the opponents to read your moves before you even play. This is one of the common reasons why most people are crap at poker. Remember one thing never be out of position in poker.

7. Luck

Yes, luck also plays a factor in winning not just in poker but in all games. But the reason luck is in seventh place is that you cannot do anything of it. After doing and not doing all the things still if you don’t win then you can tell it was bad luck. But just playing poker on luck without any skills is wrong and foolish.


Poker is a very popular game played by many experienced players. But a few players don’t improve at it. They need to work on all the six things given in this article.

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