Know How To Avoid Online Casino Scams

In today’s era of digitalization and globalization, everything is becoming online shopping, food delivery, booking tickets, and even casinos. Yes! Online casinos are now, much more famous and popular when compared with normal land-based casinos.

Many people prefer online casinos over land-based casinos. But some people don’t make use of online casinos and prefer land-based casinos more. There is always a debate between online and offline casino players. But one reason why offline casinos are very good at is scams in an offline casino people don’t think about scams and cheating more.

Today in this article we will discuss with you how you can avoid online casino scams. If you are new to online casinos then this article will be useful for you. The article will give explain everything in detail.

What are online casinos?

Well starting with the basics, online casinos are also known as virtual casinos. You can make use of online casinos by using your mobile, laptop, and computer. You can visit it only virtually.

In simple words, online casinos are casinos that are not found in the real world. A player can only access them by using their mobile, laptops, or computers virtually.

How you can get scammed by online casinos

This is not a new thing in the market. As soon as online casinos gained popularity news of players getting scammed also came to notice. Many fake companies have earned a lot of money through this.

Doing such online scams is very easy for a company or an individual because of the personal details you share on the app or the website of that online casino. But sometimes a company is not a fraud sometimes some hackers make use of online casino platforms to hack your bank account.

So you can get scammed in various ways like

1. Hacking

2. Email Fraud

3. Fake phone calls

4. Fake bonuses and gifts, etc.

How to avoid online casino scams

Avoiding these scams is very important. In this section, we will discuss with you some of the best ways you can use to avoid the scams and frauds caused by online casinos.

1. Check the website or the app

This is a very important step to avoid scams. Many players make use of online casino apps or websites just to earn extra money. Such apps and website providers claim to give bonus money and gifts and for this reason, players make use of such platforms.

But you should always stay away from such apps or websites. You should always make use of a relevant and authorized platform. Always check the popularity of the platform you are going to use, and check whether other players use it or not. By doing this you will get to know more about the app or the website and indirectly you will help yourself by getting scammed.

2. Check the payment methods

Selecting the right and secured payment method is essential to avoid scams. Many online casinos let you use their payment method or payment apps. You should avoid such things. Always make use of bank transfer because it is safe and secure.

Even when using online money transfer apps make use of popular apps only. Check if the payment method you want to use is available on the online casino platform.

3. Know common scams

You can stay away from scams if you know what are the common online casino scams. If you don’t know about scams then you should read and get some knowledge regarding them. Knowing the scam will help you to avoid them easily.

There are many types of online casino scams but the most common are mentioned below.

1. Bonus abuse

2. Chip dumping

3. Carding

4. Chargebacks

5. Gnoming, etc

These are some of the most common online casino scams.

4. Check the reviews

Before using any online casino platform always make sure you check the reviews of the people who consider both bad and good reviews while checking. This will help you understand whether you should use that platform.

And make sure to check the actual players’ reviews, not company employees. Many times company employees try to boost their image by posting good reviews. This will help you to stay away from scams and fraud.

5. Do research before getting bonuses

Researching casino bonuses is important to make sure you are getting a good deal.

Knowing what to look for can help avoid scams and fraud. Below given are some of the tips that you can use to research casino bonuses.

  • Make sure that the terms and conditions of the bonuses do not have any hidden charges or fees.
  • Don’t get trapped by huge bonuses.
  • Make sure you don’t choose the pop-up bonuses


Online casino scams are not a new thing. It is popular many people have been scammed by fraud online casino platforms so you as a player must make sure to avoid such scams by researching, analyzing, and following important points, tricks, etc.

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