Inside Bets VS Outside Bet: Which is a Better bet for Roulette?

To begin with, let’s start with the introduction of traditional roulette. Earlier, the bettors placed bets on certain range numbers. Those numbers have groups. And, each number was in red or black color. Then we throw the ball in. And the dealer or the website rotates the carousel in the inverse direction. Once the carousel stops. We check where the metal ball stopped. If it stopped on the very same number you bet on, you won.

Now the concept has not changed much. But, replaced with roulette online. You need not get in the crowd of bettors. One can easily place bets online through many online casino sites and applications. The deposit and withdrawal of money are done online too.

Learn to Play

Playing roulette online is not that hard. All you need to start with a few simple steps. First, you must register at an online casino. Where you can find a game of roulette. There are ample websites available for roulette online casinos. Just enter your details, such as name, address, bank details, and likewise. There are a number of boards to choose from, before starting with the game. Let us say that one has selected American roulette.

In contrast with the live roulette game, you have quite a time to bet while playing roulette online. Once you place the bet. One clicks a specific button on the website. It spins the wheel. Rest if the ball stops on the number you bet on, you win the game.

Inside Bets vs Outside Bets

As if you are the person who plays roulette online. Also, you have invested a lot of time in it. There are fairly high chances that you have come across the terms like Inside bets and Outside Bets. But, if you are not aware of those you need not to worry. Let me assist you to go through this.

In layman’s language, both are quite easy to understand and differentiate. If you are looking for a higher probability of winning, then one must choose Outside Bets. However, the payouts are smaller in such bets. On the other hand, inside bets have much higher payouts. But, those are riskier too. Hence, choose wisely as per your preferences.

Types of Inside Bets

Currently, inside bets have six parts in the game of roulette online. These are Corner, Street, Straight-up, Split, Six Line, and Trio.

  1. Cornet bet is also known as a square bet. As the name suggests, bettors place the bets on the four different numbers. And, those four numbers are in the position of a square.
  2. Street bets are those, in which the wagers place the bets on three numbers. But the condition is that those three numbers are in a horizontal line.
  3. Straight-up betting in roulette online is the most riskier one. According to this, the wagers place bets only on one number. And, it simply means if the ball lands on that number, you win it.
  4. A split bet is the next. Under this type, bettors place the bets on two horizontal numbers. Such as 21,22 etcetera.
  5. Next is a six-line bet. This is an enhanced street bet. One six-line bet is placed by combining two street bets. That is betting on six numbers horizontally.
  6. Here comes the last one. The trio has just two combinations where you can place bets. Those are 0,1,2 and 00,2,3.

Types of Outside Bets

In roulette online casino games, outside bets have six types too.

  1. Under 1 to 18, as per the name, one can bet only between this range.
  2. Similarly, we have 19-36 outside bets. In this too, the player places the bets between the range mentioned.
  3. Red or Black is the third type. As per this, one can place bets in either of the two colors.
  4. The odd or even betting type is another one under the outside betting category. In this, players and wagers place the bets only under even or odd numbers.
  5. Next comes the dozen bets. The range is divided into three types. Those are 1-12, 13-24, and 24-36. So, the bets are placed from any of those ranges.
  6. Here is the sixth and last type. It is known as column bets. The numbers include all those in a vertical line on the board of roulette online.

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