How Does Blackjack Hand Calculator work?

Blackjack hand calculator help players analyze any blackjack hand quickly and increase their chances of winning by giving them an edge over the house.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with information on Blackjack Hand Calculator. To get the full benefit of this article, please read it completely.

How to use the online Blackjack hand calculator?

  • The first step in playing Blackjack is to set the rules:
  • You can find out whether the dealer is going to stand on soft 17 in the help section of a Blackjack game, as well as whether the Dealer is going to stand or hit on Soft 17.
  • You should assume Surrender is not allowed and that the Dealer will STAND on Soft 17 even though you can not find the rules (this is almost always the case if you can not find the rules).
  • The next step would be to set the dealer’s card which will appear at the top of the screen, this is the card the dealer has. When you click the + under ‘Dealer’, you will be able to select the card that the dealer has.
  • The next step is to enter your hand. You can select your first card by clicking the + under ‘Card 1’ and your second card by clicking the + under ‘Card 2’.
  • Thereafter, the calculator will help determine the most effective strategy to take (the one that will minimize the house edge) so you can take action.

What do the different moves mean?

  • Hit – A new card will be dealt to you when you hit this card. You can find out what your next move will be by entering the card that you were dealt into the calculator.
  • Stand – Standing means you will not receive any further cards and the hand is over for you.
  • Split – Splitting a pair of cards will result in two separate hands that will definitely deal with you. The strategy calculator will use to calculate every new hand. But you will be held individually as a separate hand by clicking Deal Again on the tool. Once you have split your hands in two, you will be able to start over with your two new hands.
  • Double – It is possible to double your bet, but you will only receive one more card as a result. This is the end of the hand for you. It is sometimes possible to make multiple moves depending on the blackjack rules. As a rule of thumb, whenever possible, choose the first move (in this case, double) if you are allow to. Otherwise, choose option 2.
  • Bust – Your hand is over if you get over 21 on the calculator.
  • Insurance – Dealers may offer insurance if they have an Ace (A). Whenever you are ask to do this, say no.

The Blackjack hand calculator: Why should you use it?

You must know the dealer’s advantage and the chances of beating their hand when Matched Betting a casino offer in blackjack to increase your chances of winning.

It is possible to determine the best strategy in Blackjack based on mathematical probabilities in any scenario.

Blackjack Hand Calculator provides a simple way to summarize these probabilities by recommending the next best move – purely based on math.

It is more likely for you to win if you use mathematical probability rather than guessing or going with your gut. But, that doesn’t mean you will always win.

We also advise against using the calculator to attempt to play Blackjack. But, only when there is no positive expected value (+EV) casino offer or bonus available. This Blackjack Calculator should only be used with +EV offers from Matched Betting casinos. So, it should not use with other offers.

It’s free to use our Blackjack hand calculator. But, we recommend that you only use it for Matched Betting Casino Offers.

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