How Do You Play Blackjack Online Step By Step?

Today due to modernization and digitalization most players are switching from normal land-based casinos to online casinos. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Many people prefer online casinos over real casinos and vice versa.

Online casinos are very famous and have attracted a lot of audiences in recent years. The popularity of online casinos is increasing because they offer casino games, bonuses, gifts, etc. Online casinos have a huge variety of games but the one which is played the most is blackjack. Players in online casinos love to spend their time playing blackjack.

But many players don’t know how to play blackjack in online casinos. So today’s article is for those players. The article will give you all the information about how to play blackjack online, what is blackjack, and other stuff.

What is blackjack?

Blackjack is a table game played with a deck of cards. Blackjack is played with the dealer. It is played with a deck of 52 cards. In blackjack, the value of each card is its face value except for the ace. It is a simple game but requires a little bit of knowledge and skills to play and win the game. A rookie or an inexperienced player might find it difficult to play blackjack.

Is there a difference between online and offline blackjack?

Mostly no, the rules, the way of playing the game, etc are the same. There is no difference between online and offline blackjack unless and until the online casino decides to introduce or make a change in the game otherwise most online casinos’ blackjack is similar to the original games. There might be some online casinos that might have different ways of playing the game with different rules but this is rare.

So in the end there is no difference between online and offline blackjack games.

Steps to play online blackjack

Now this section will be important for players who are struggling to play online blackjack or who don’t know where to start.

So for your better understanding, we have divided the process into different steps. These steps will help you to understand the process even better.

1. Select the right platform

Well before diving into the actual process the most important thing is that you as a player chose the right platform by which you can play blackjack. You should choose a reliable platform only not just for playing online blackjack but for playing any other games.

The reason you should choose a reliable source is that there are a lot of scams happing through online casinos so to stay away from such scams you should always choose a reliable source.

2. How to play the actual game

After selecting the right platform, we will dive into how to play blackjack online. Follow the steps mentioned below to play online blackjack.

1. Place your bet

The first step is to place your bet. Always place the right bet whether you are playing online or offline blackjack. You can win the half-game by placing the right bet. Each online casino will give a different range of bets from which you can choose which is best for yourself.

2. Get your cards dealt

The next step is to get your card dealt with. Now if you are playing the live dealer version then your cards will be dealt with by the dealer and if you are playing the regular RNG version then the cards will be dealt with automatically by the computer.

3. Side bet

After you have dealt your cards you can place a side bet on things like pairs, colors, etc. By placing side bets you can increase your chances of winning.

4. Know when you want to hit

 You can press the ‘hit’ button to get more cards and increase the chances of winning but if you exceed 21 and go bust. You will lose all your money so you should always press that ‘hit’ button wisely.

5.  Stand

Once you are ready and satisfied with your cards then press the ‘stand’ button. By pressing the button the dealer will know that this is your final hand and you will not be taking more cards.

6. Outcome

You will only win if the values of your cards are higher or equal to your dealer’s card. If the value of your hand is lower than the dealer’s hand or crosses 21 then you will lose the game and the bet also.

So these were the six steps that are used to play online blackjack.


Blackjack is a very popular game both in online and offline casinos. Players love to play blackjack very much. The steps are not different from playing blackjack in online casinos or offline casinos. But if you know all the steps properly, you could easily play and win blackjack.

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