Here Are The 5 Most Effective Craps Strategies For 2022

Craps is a simple dice game that is prevalent in the gambling world since the 18th century. Online casinos have created a storm in the gambling market. With the advent of online casinos, the game of craps has seen immense popularity among bettors.

Despite several restrictions on online gambling, the market is still growing in Bangladesh. The country has severe anti-gambling laws along with Sharia law. Thus, physical casinos can’t operate in the country.

Still, few online gambling companies, whose headquarters are present outside Bangladesh, have entered the market. In this way, these online gambling companies are safe from the laws of the country.

Craps Review

Craps is a simple casino game that is played on a casino table. The game involves two dice, a board, and chips to place bets. The games take place in rounds, and up to 20 players can take their turns while shooting.

The game starts when players make their first roll of dice, known as the ‘come out roll’. There are two betting terms that the players must remember while rolling the first dice:

  • Pass Bet, when the dice land on 7 or 11
  • Don’t Pass Bet, when the dice land on 2,3 or 12

The round comes to an end if the total dice value is 7 or 11 (known as natural) or 2, 3, or 12 (known as craps). If the total dice value comes to four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, or ten, then that number becomes the ‘Point’. The next game of Craps starts when a player reaches the ‘Point’.

Basic Craps Rules

  • Wait patiently for a space at the Craps table
  • Follow shooting etiquettes by waiting for your turn.
  • Do not bet on the individual die, bet on the combined value of two dice.
  • You can lose or win bets, even if you are not the shooter. So, be aware.
  • Bet only when the dealers are taking them. Otherwise, wait and watch.

Craps Strategy 2022

There are a few best crap strategies in the game of craps that bettors need to learn. As the game requires more luck than anything else, we hope that these craps strategies would benefit you.

Dice Setting

Certain players love to shake the dice well before throwing. The studies have shown that the position of the dice before a throw could affect the results. Thus, you need to learn an effective way of holding and throwing the dice to win.

But, you learn it with your experience. The more you play, the better you become. It is the reason why the players with years of experience would earn more than the newbies. Thus, this craps strategy limits only to people with years of experience in Craps.

Iron Cross

The Iron Cross strategy works well if the point is 5, 6, or 8. The reason is that it is the easiest setup. The Field bet covers the numbers like 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12. The Place bets cover the missing two, while the Point bet covers the last number. Below are the steps to follow the strategy.

  • Place your Pass Line Bet
  • Roll the Dice until you hit a Point 
  • You will place a Field bet now
  • Then you place the Place bets on the numbers that are not under the Field or Point
  • Roll the Dice, and if does not show seven, you win

Combination Bets

A combination bet is the best craps strategy. The bettors can place multiple wagers by taking advantage of the best crap bets. Craps has several low-risk wagers that apply for combination bets.

In a combination bet, the bettors can wager on two bets that can have the same outcome, like pass and come bets and vice-versa too. If your bet hits, you may double your winnings. You can increase your bankroll easily with the combination bets. 

Inside 22

Inside 22 applies while passing a Pass Line bet and then betting on the inside place bets which are 5, 6, 8, and 9 to cover all of them. Below are the steps to apply the Inside 22 bet:

  • First, you place a Pass Line Bet
  • Roll the Dice until you hit a Point 
  • Make sure that you have one unit on all the inside Place bets ( 5,6,8,9)
  • Roll the dice and you can win on any of these numbers.

Three Point Molly: Craps Strategy

This strategy makes use of Pass Line Bets and the Come Bet. This strategy aims to save your Pass Line bet, as the Come bet is paid on a 7 or 11. Here are the steps to follow for the three-point molly:

  • Place your Pass Line bet
  • Roll the Dice until you hit a point 
  • Place the Come bet on a number
  • Now, place another Come bet on a number
  • If one of your Come bet wins, place a new bet
  • You play this round until you hit a 7 


Craps is one of the most popular online casino games. In the beginning, the game might seem complicated and intimidating to some. But with experience and effectively using the best craps strategies that are mentioned above, you can get the hang of the game.

In the end, you must keep in mind that the game requires more luck than a strategy. So always play responsibly.

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