Here are 7 Best Tips for Playing Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an ancient game of dice that has its origins in China. It is a Game of Chance that tests your luck with every roll of dice. Still, the Sic Bo strategy used in a game would help improve your winning odds. With the rise of online gambling platforms over the years, the game has seen more popularity.

It has simple rules, a fun theme, and several betting options. Also, remember that each Sic Bo strategy has its share of pros and cons. So make sure to follow those strategies that suit you the best in terms of budget, wager, and odds. 

Online gambling has made significant inroads in Bangladesh too. The small Muslim majority nation has strong anti-gambling laws along with Sharia law. Both these laws prohibit physical gambling in the country.

But as the country moves forward, they get in touch with the latest global trends. Thus, they get to learn about Online Gambling as well. Online gambling is gaining momentum in Bangladesh, so games like Sic Bo will see more growth in the future.

So let us look at the various Sic Bo strategies that would help you perform better in the game.

Don’t Bet on Too Many Areas

Sic Bo provides you the option of placing multiple bets at once. The online version of the game allows users to bet on 16 areas per roll. But you must stay away from doing it. You could argue that you can win many bets while doing so.

But, you can also lose several bets, and it might lead you to bankruptcy. Instead, you can calculate the chances of winning the bet before placing one. Also, you must calculate whether the payouts are worth enough for you to place multiple bets.

Place Majority Bets on Big and Small

Big or Small is the best set of bets that you can place in Sic Bo. It is because the Big and Small bets have the best odds and least house edge factor. Thus, in land-based casinos, you will see more people betting using Small and Big bets.

Here, you need to bet on the probability that the total score of the dice after being rolled falls in the range of 4 to 10 and from 11 to 17 respectively. These bets pay in the ratio of 1:1 and are considered Safe Bet.

Don’t Bet on Triple’s

Betting on a Triple and winning is a rare occasion. It is because you can’t predict the only number that comes up on all the dice after rolling them. Being a rare outcome, it gets the highest winning ratio among other bets. The triple bet ratio is worth 180:1.

Thus, a better winning ratio invites greater risk as well. Even the most experienced Sic Bo players avoid betting Triples. They don’t even choose Triples as additional bets.

Try Placing a Mixture of Bets

Even though it is a game of chance, you can make decisive bets using a mixture of bets. As discussed above, the Small and Big bets Sic Bo strategy is the most secure strategy in a Sic Bo game. It is because this strategy pays in the ratio of 1:1.

But, this strategy could be dull, and you won’t win extra money with this bet. So if you want to win extra money, place specific bets where even-money bets are involved. Those bets pay higher and help you cover losses from the initial riskier bets.

Look for Different Providers

Never stop looking for the providers that offer the best odds and gaming experiences in the market. Do not sit back and bet on the same platform where you won your initial bets. Other online gambling platforms might provide you with better odds and gaming experiences.

For example, service providers such as Vivo Gaming, Asia Gaming, and Optus Gaming provide better odds and gaming features. They provide both ancient and modern versions of the Sic Bo game. They also have mobile-friendly applications, so you can play and bet while on the go.

Avoid Placing a Foolish Bet

Always remember that the house always has a huge edge when betting in Sic Bo. So, you must always avoid placing a foolish bet carrying a large house edge. For instance, if you bet on a total from 4 to 15, the odds of hitting are 6 in 216. 

As per the standard pay table, the bet pays 30:1 but has the house edge of 14.5%. Thus, placing a wager on such bets is like handing the money directly to the casino.

Take all the help from Online Casinos

Before a game starts, the casinos display a board with the odds. Different tables have different rules and payouts. All the top online casinos are transparent about this. Make sure you choose the most reliable casinos, as they help you with everything you need to know.


Sic Bo is a simple dice game based on pure luck. Thus, no proper strategy would help you win every game. But with some of the strategies mentioned above, you can reduce your chances of loss and could win a few bets.

With the games that need luck, you must be careful while placing large bets. The better option would be to divide a single bet into multiple bets.

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