Here Are 3 Of The Most Popular & Common Types Of Sports Bets, 2022

One thing that makes sports betting appealing is the variety of options to wager on a game. You don’t have to wager on which side will win the game; you may also bet on the margin of victory, the total amount of points scored, and a variety of other bets.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you want to learn about the many forms of sports bets. This blog will assist sports betting fans in gathering all of the information they want on the subject. After reading this blog on the various types of bets in sports betting, you’ll have a solid knowledge of your betting options and how they all work.

The Three Most Popular And Common Sports Bet Types

These are the three most popular and common sports bet types. However, these are not the only ones in sports betting. There are other types of bets also that we will also look at in brief.

1. Moneyline and Win Bets

The terms “win” and “Moneyline” are synonymous. They both signify the same thing even though they are different. In the USA, sports betting fans call it a Moneyline. The same type of wager is known as a winning bet worldwide.

Whatever you name it, this is the most fundamental sort of bet. You will pick who you feel will win the game or match you are betting on.

For example, if you’re betting on an upcoming NBA game between the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat, you’ll need to decide which side you believe will win. If you feel Miami will win, you will put a winning bet on Miami. If Miami wins the game, you’ll win your wager as well.

2. Points Spread

In addition to MoneyLine bets, point spreads are also popular. When you bet on a spread, you are betting on the margin of victory of a team rather than the outcome.

A minus symbol represents a favorite, whereas a plus symbol represents an underdog. If a team has a value of -7.5, it must win by more than 7.5 points.

In this scenario, the opposition team has a value of +10, which means they must either win outright or lose by less than 10 points.

3. Over/Under (Totals)

Aside from Moneyline and spread bets, the most common bet in sports betting is point total. Over/under bets are referred to because you are betting on a full going over or under.

A total bet is a bet on the total points scored by both sides. For example, in a football match between Manchester United and Manchester City, the point total is fixed at ten goals.

You gained only seven points if the final score was Manchester United: 3 and Manchester City: 4. Hence, the under is the winning bet.

Other Types Of Sports Bet You Should Know Bet

These bets lack in popularity than the above three bets, but you should still know about them:

1. Futures Betting

A futures bet is a gamble on the outcome of a sporting event in the future. This can include receiving an MVP award, winning a league title, or having the most victories in a season. Futures may also be player props, such as the number of points a player averages per game or the number of goals scored or sixes hit in a match.

2. Live Betting

You can only place a live bet after the game has begun. The fact that the odds vary in real-time adds to the excitement of live betting. In addition to more typical wagers such as money lines, spreads, and totals, you may also live bet on more specialized wagers.

3. Teasers Bet

Taking the concept of accumulators to new heights leads to teases and pleasers. These bets, like parlays and accumulators, require you to make numerous selections as part of your wager. There are, nevertheless, some significant distinctions between them all.

Teasers allow you to choose the sequence of bets you want to place. Next, you may adjust the point spreads in your favor to increase your chances of winning the wager. This provides you with a major advantage over a regular parlay bet.


These are some of the most common sorts of sports bets available on online betting sites. If you are just starting out in sports betting, we advise you to begin with simple bets and progressively extend your strategy to include more complex bet kinds.

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