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A Guide to Cricket Betting on T20 World Cup 2024: Betvisa App

After IPL 2024, cricket fever is going to be high. Yes, T20 World Cup 2024 is all set to start. The very first match is going to be played on June 2nd, 2024. It is going to be played between the United States and Canada.
So, with many new teams to be part of this world cricket tournament, the excitement will be at a much higher level. It will add to the number of cricket fans with new countries being involved. However, not just cricket fans but also the people who love cricket betting are quite excited too. Moreover, with multiple platforms betting on cricket has become quite easy. Among those, the BetVisa App is very popular.

So, we are going to discuss how BetVisa made cricket betting easy through its application. Also, the steps to bet on the matches of T20 World Cup 2024.
Let’s get in.

Download the App:

To enjoy the cricket betting options of BetVisa App, we need to first download it. So, here are the steps:

1. First, on your browser’s search bar, type the official website’s address of BetVisa and hit enter.

2. It will take you to the BetVisa official website. There, on the top bar, you will see an icon with an arrow down. Thus, click on it.

3. Next, you will see the webpage with QR code at the centre.

4. So, scan the QR code with your phone’s scanner. Thus, it will take you to the store where you can download it.

5. Therefore, start downloading. And once the BetVisa app is downloaded, install it.

SIgn Up with BetVisa APP:

So, after installing this cricket betting app, you will see the icon on your phone. But, merely downloading and installing isn’t enough. We need to create an account with BetVisa, to grab all the required options to bet on the T20 World Cup 2024. So, the sign up step are as follows:

1. You can sign up through the BetVisa App as well as the website. Visit any of the both.

2. Either of the modes you select, you will find the button with “REGISTER” on it. It is just next to the login button. Click on it.

3. It will ask you a few of the details, such as, username of your own choice and of course it must be unique. Also, you will have to put the password and confirm it as well by putting it again.

4. In the next box, you will have to put your Full Name. Remember, the name must be accurate as it will affect during the process of the deposit and withdrawal.

5. Then, your phone number, email ID, and promo code (if you have one).

6. Lastly, Click JOIN NOW.

Yes, that is all you need to do to be part of this amazing platform that will be used for T20 World Cup 2024 betting.

Visit the Cricket section:

Now you are all set for cricket betting. Just login and look at all the games and sports you can place your bets on. On opening the app, you will see different options on the side bar, such as, Sports, Casino, Crash , Bingo and many more. Right now we are focusing on cricket betting, so choose the sports section and then go for cricket.

There, we can find about the T20 World Cup 2024 matches. Select the one you are going to place bets on and go for it.

Check for Promotions:

The BetVisa app has many promotions and bonuses that one can use along with matches. For example, there could be a deposit bonus when you use the deposited money specifically for cricket betting or more precisely for T20 World Cup 2024. You can see many of such offers on regular intervals. Just make sure, you pay enough attention.

However, there are always certain conditions to be ment while enjoying the benefit of those. Make sure, you do not miss or misread those.

Types of Bets:

Cricket betting is not just about guessing about who will win the match. With BetVisa APP, there are ample options to enjoy the betting with the T20 World Cup 2024.

1. Top Batsman/Bowler: During a match there is always a batsmen who scores better than all others and same for the bowler. So, with the BetVisa App, you can bet on either or both of them as well.

2. Man of the Match: With a start performance, the match is being won. It could be anyone out of 22 players on the field. So, predicting that and betting on him could be fun as well as rewarding.

3. Live Betting: Here is the most interesting part of cricket betting. Let’s say there’s a match with a lot of twists going on in the T20 World Cup 2024. You can even bet on each ball’s outcome. Such as, it could be a six, four, wicket, single and more.


So, that’s how you will be able to enjoy the cricket betting at T20 World Cup 2024 through the BetVisa App. Download the app, login, and go for it. But, do not forget to not get addicted to cricket betting. Rewards are appealing and one will lose the bets as well. Do not let it be a habit.

Thus, stay safe. Enjoy the bets.

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