Guide To Blackjack Switch Game Rules and Tips

Blackjack Switch is a modification of blackjack games. This game has the same excitement as a regular blackjack game but with an additional twist. 

In this game, a player gets a chance to play 2 hands against the dealer’s single hand. The fact that the player can switch cards between the hands is something that separates the blackjack switch game from regular blackjack. 

When the player switches the cards, he/she has a chance to better the hand even before getting to the next move as the game proceeds. 

In addition, as the player can switch cards in this game, the same move can be considered illegal in any other type of blackjack game.

Although the way of playing is slightly different, but the objective of Blackjack Switch remains the same. The player should beat the dealer by lending a hand of 21 or at least the closest number possible to it.

The power to switch hands mid-game makes it complex and highly increases the need for a proper plan if one wants to win.

Let Us Know About The Basic Differences Between Regular Blackjack And Blackjack Switch 

Blackjack switch and regular blackjack do not have much difference from one another. Just one major twist creates some differences in the playing of this game. In addition, it changes the chances of winning.

Learn To Play Blackjack Switch Game

Follow these simple steps to understand how to play the Blackjack Switch game.

  • Firstly, the player has to make 2 bets of identical value.
    • And here, he also allowed the option to make the Super Match side bet.
  • After placing the bets, the deal is made.
  • The dealer deals 2 hands for the players all facing up.
  • The dealer gets 2 cards, one of them is the hole card, and this hole card is dealt face down.
  • If the dealer’s face card is a 10-value card or an Ace he can peek for blackjack.
    • A dealer’s blackjack will result in an automatic and instant win for him.
    • But the exception is a player blackjack, which will result in a push.
  • As soon as the dealer’s cards are dealt the player can make his move.
  • The player is allowed to switch the second card of each of his deals with the intention to to improve his hand.
  • Regardless of if the player chooses to switch or not, making the next move is still mandatory. The player can:
    • Hit: Can pick up additional cards and try to strengthen his hand without crossing 21.
    • Stand: Leave his original hand as it is; this is the safe option in case of a good strong hand.
    • Double down: The player can double his initial wager and then choose to hit once. But, after that, it is a must for him to stand.
    • Split: The player splits a hand of 2 identical card values into 2 separate hands. Then plays each hand separately.
  • Once the dealer reveals his face-down card as soon as the player plays his hand. And the dealer plays his hand from there. In addition, he is also gets to switch cards and can pick more cards to strengthen his hand.
  • The hand that has a bigger value will eventually win.

Rules Of Blackjack Switch

Given below are the rules that you should know before playing Blackjack Switch.

  • 6 or 8 decks of cards are used to play this game.
  • Most of the standard blackjack rules still remains the same.
  • The player has to place 2 bets mandatorily, from one for each hand he is dealt. In addition, both the chances are of equal value.
  • The dealer deals 4 cards to the player and they are all face-up, which means he has 2 hands to work with.
    • The player can improve his odds of winning by switching the second card of each hand.
  • It is leagal when a switch results in a blackjack hand. In addition, this hand is not a blackjack hand and still  count as 21 points. That is because it has been formed not due to the deal but due to the switch.
  • You can double on any 2 cards.
  • You can doubling after a split.
  • It is legal to re-split. A player may re-split not more than 4 hands.
  • The player blackjack hands that win, pays out even money.
  • It is mandatory to deal the dealer’s second card or the hole card face-down.
  • If the opening card of the dealer is an ace, he quickly peeks for blackjack. And if it is a blackjack, the dealer secures an automatic win.
  • The dealer should hit on a soft 17. This is an exception in Ontario, Canada. Here the dealer must stand on a soft 17.
  • It is a must for the dealer to stand on a hard 17.
  • With a minimum value of 18, the dealer stands on all hands even if it is more than 18.
  • The player can use the Super Match side bet and win the game. This is legal if he has a pair or other better hands from the first 4 cards he is dealt. 

The Super Match Side Bet In The Game Of Blackjack Switch

The Super Match side bet is an exciting betting option available to players in Blackjack Switch. In this bet a player can place on the possibility of the different hands that can culminate from the player’s original 4 cards. 

It is a must for the player to place this bet before the deal takes place. It is mandatory for the player to get the specific hand of cards in the first 4 cards to win the Super Match. 

However, he can still win the regular bet that he has also placed originally.

  • Pair: Pays out even money
  • 3 of a Kind: Pays out at 5:1 ratio of the amount.
  • 2 Pairs: Pays out at 8:1 ratio of the amount.
  • 4 of a Kind: Pays out at 40:1 ratio of the amount.


Now with this information, we have reached the end of this blog on Blackjack Switch Game Rules Guide & Tips.

We have mentioned the required information and tips that you will need before enjoying this game. 

We hope you find this blog helpful and for more such articles related to casino games do check out our website.

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