Getting The Most Out of Dream Catcher Odds & Returns

Dream Catcher is a popular Evolution Gaming Live Casino game. The game is presented live by a lively presenter who spins the big Las Vegas Casino-style wheel. It will land on one of 54 distinct segments.

In this blog, we’ll learn about Dream Catcher, the odds the game offers, and the returns we can accept.

Let’s Start!

What Does Dream Catcher Work?

The Dream Catcher guidelines are straightforward to grasp. Simply put, a wager on the number you believe the wheel will land on. There are a total of six betting options: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40

Players can gamble on as few or as many numbers as they choose on each spin.

If you bet on the number the wheel lands on, your payout will be your stake multiplied by that amount and your initial investment. For example, if you bet £10 on 40 and it came in, you would earn £410 back. If you wager £10 on the number 1 and it comes in, you’ll get £20 back.

Multipliers for Dream Catcher

The inclusion of ‘Multipliers’ is one aspect of this game. The wheel has 54 segments. 52 numbers and two have multipliers of x2 and x7. If the wheel falls on a multiplier, it is respun at no extra cost to the players, and the next number is at x2 or x7.

For example, if the wheel landed on the x7 multiplier and the next spin landed on the number 40. Your return would be £10 x (7 x 40) = £2,800 if you placed £10 on the number 40. This is one of the game’s key draws since players have the opportunity to win large sums with minimal bets.

RTP, Payouts, and Odds

The rewards for Dream Catcher are simple to remember. The odds correspond to the number in the winning section, and you get the wagers once. As a result, a victory on 1 pays 1 to 1, a win on 2 pays 2 to 1, and so on. Along with the payoff, the player will get his stake back.

On the wheel, each number has a different number of segments. The number 1 appears on the wheel the most, with 23 yellow elements holding the number, making it a low-risk bet. This is reflected in the lowest payments of one-to-one.

The number 40 appears only once on the wheel and has the lowest winning probability. The high payoff ratio of 40 to 1 is vital to the bet’s attraction. The x2 and x7 multiplier segments hold bets for another spin. The payments depend on the paytable multiplied by the previous spin’s multiplier value.

The RTP for Dream Catcher is 90.57% – 96.58%. The ideal theoretical return on investment (RTI) is 96.58%. This places it in the same RTP range as online slots.

The presence of two multiplier segments on the wheel raises the house edge over traditional Money Wheel games that do not have them. On any wager, the average multiplier will be 52/54. (1.15555). That implies that, in the long term, players will gain an extra 15.55% over the standard payout ratios due to multipliers. These two portions improve the RTP to match that of online slots.

Software and Options

Evolution Gaming is famous for producing high-quality live casino games. True to form, their Live Dream Catcher game online has an easy layout available across all devices.

The game works flawlessly on Android and iOS. Placing bets is quick and uncomplicated, and there are several settings and choices to choose from.

The autoplay feature is helpful for long game sessions. You may set boundaries for when autoplay should end, and you can sit back and enjoy the ride. It also has shortcut keys. The functionality is like a spacebar for repeating and doubling bets and deleting for removing all bets.

Broadcasts can be made in HD resolution. A multi-camera system delivers dynamic camera angles and close-up perspectives. You may also alter the camera perspective manually.

The game’s presenter is crucial in keeping the enthusiasm up and entertaining participants. The hosts rotate every 30 minutes to keep the presentation new. For a more sociable gaming experience, you may join the vibrant chat conversation and communicate with the host and other players.

Of course, if you choose, you may mute the dealer or turn off all game noises altogether. You may also close the chat window whenever you like. Using the multi-game play option, you may also play Dream Catcher with other live casino games.

Final Verdict

Dream Catcher is a new live casino game, but it has established itself as one of the most enjoyable and exciting. It has the simplest rules, making it ideal for beginners or live casino newcomers. The exciting game will tick all the boxes for seasoned casino players.

The Money Wheel game looks fantastic in classic Evolution Gaming flair. It has various immersive camera angles and TV show-like lighting and noises. It also has some of the business’s most lively and entertaining genuine dealers. Overall, this is a fantastic luck-based live casino game that you can’t help but like playing.

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