Getting Started with Matched Betting 2022: A Step By Step Guide

Matched Betting is appropriate for everyone with free time who wants to make extra money from home. In recent years, students and stay-at-home parents have turned to it for a side income. We’ll show you how Matched Betting works and how you can get started right away.

What is Matched Betting?

A matched bet is a low-risk method of gambling. That is used to gain guaranteed profits on sporting events. ‘Bonus hunting’ or ‘no-risk betting’ are other terms used to describe it. Using free bets and other perks, matched bettors ensure earnings by covering all outcomes of a match or event.

It is a betting strategy people use by people to profit from free bets and other bookmaker incentives. It is often considered risk-free. Since it uses a mathematical equation rather than chance.

People believe that free bets are scarce, yet they are not. And, using so-called ‘no-risk’ matched betting, you can assure that free bets continue to arrive daily.

A Simple Example

Assume a bookmaker is conducting a deal in which you may obtain a free $25 bet if you put a $25 wager on any event.

For simplicity, I’ll use a coin toss in this example. There are two possible outcomes: heads or tails. Both have equal chances of occurring.

If you wager $25 on heads and $25 on tails, you will not win any money, but you will not lose any either. Your £10 free bet will be credited once both bets are canceled.

As you can see, if heads win, you earn $25 while losing $25. If tails win, you earn $25 as well. In either case, your overall profit is zero, but you will have fulfilled the requirements for your free bet.

You could place your free wager on anything, depending on luck. The goal of matched betting is to make a profit. To do so, repeat the process, using your free bet to cover all outcomes on another event. This will offer you around 80% of the free bet value. If your free bet is worth $25, you’ll benefit by around $20.

What Is The Process Of Matched Betting?

To begin, if you follow the instructions below, you won’t need to know all the betting jargon. However, you must be aware of two sorts of bets. That allows matched betting to function:

A ‘Back’ Wager

Betting for a specific outcome to occur. “I bet India will win” is a backing bet. If it is correct, you win both the wager and the winnings. You will lose your investment if India loses or draws.

A ‘Lay’ Wager

Betting against a specific outcome occurring. “I bet Australis will not win” is a lay bet. You win the bet if they lose or draw. By betting against yourself at the same odds at a betting exchange, matched betting neutralizes the risk of backing a bet at online bookmakers. That is, you are matching your bet.

The bookmaker will offer you the free bet after your first or ‘qualifying’ real money wager. Here is where the money is produced. Simply put, you repeat the procedure of betting with the free bet and then laying the bet. You will profit regardless of the outcome.

How Much Profit Can You Expect From Matched Betting?

You can earn up to 95% of the free bet value for each matched bet. This is because betting exchanges often charge a 5% fee on wins. Due to the modest change in odds on each website, you may incur a slight loss on the qualifying bet. This is typical; you will be reimbursed when you use your free bet. It’s also worth noting that revenues from the gambling industry are now tax-free.

Is It Necessary To Use A Free Bet For Matched Betting To Work?

You may employ a matched betting strategy with simply your bankroll, but you lose at least some of the protection you receive when making a free bet instead of your own money. However, if you do your homework and properly examine the odds, you may still employ a matched betting strategy to your benefit without first claiming a promotion.


Matching bets protect you from danger; anyone can learn to practice matched bets. The risk occurs when mistakes are made. As a result, you must double-check everything and strictly adhere to the instructions. Free bets do not always come through immediately, so be patient and follow the promotion’s restrictions.

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