Funky Time Game: A Guide to Play This Game

Evolution Gaming, one of the leading providers of many live casino solutions. It introduces Funky Time, a fun and rewarding game. Also, it attracts players in a vibrant disco-themed casino atmosphere. It offers unique gameplay, exciting bonuses, and impressive potential for big wins. Thus, the Funky Time game has quickly become a favorite among players. Players who seek a stylish and profitable live casino experience, are loving it. Thus, in this article, we will delve into the details of Funky Time. Also, we will be exploring its gameplay in detail. Even discuss the bonus features, odds, payouts, and overall appeal.

Let’s get in.

The Funky Time Game:

The Funky Time game revolves around a dynamic spinning wheel with 64 different sections. Players place their bets on the segments they believe will help them win. The wheel includes number and letter segments. Also, it involves bonus segments with different multipliers. The simplicity of the gameplay mechanics makes it accessible to all players.

Bonus Rounds and Features:

1. The BAR Bonus Round:

When the wheel stops on the Bonus BAR segment, players enter this simple bonus round. Also, this round of bonuses is quite thrilling too. A robot bartender presents three drink choices, each with a unique multiplier. Players must select their drink of choice. Thus, it determines the multiplier applied to their initial bet. This bonus round adds an element of luck and excitement to the gameplay.

2. STAYIN’ ALIVE Bonus Round:

Landing on the STAYIN’ ALIVE Bonus segment triggers this engaging bonus round. Players select one of three colored balls (purple, orange, or green). Then the host draws the balls in random order. Thus, the bonus multiplier of the player increases with each ball of the same color. The STAYIN’ ALIVE Bonus round adds hope as well as the opportunity for huge winnings.

3. Disco Bonus:

The Disco Bonus is a crowd-pleasing feature in Funky Time. Players feel that they are in some kind of 1970s disco party. Also, they feel that Mr. Funky is there, who dances on a backlit floor. As players follow Mr. Funky’s moves, they collect bonuses and pile up multipliers. The longer Mr. Funky stays on the dance floor, the higher the odds and potential winnings. This bonus round builds both energy as well as excitement.

4. VIP Disco Party Bonus:

The VIP Disco Party Bonus is a rare and thrilling bonus round. Also, it offers the possibility for large winnings. With a mere 1.56% chance of activation, this bonus round takes the excitement to new heights. Mr. Funky showcases impressive dance moves while accumulating multipliers. The duration of the dance depends on the spins. Also, the longer Mister Funky dances, the higher the odds of winning big.

Funky Time Odds, Payouts, and RTP:

The Funky Time game offers players favorable odds and the potential for significant payouts. The return to player (RTP) rate is almost 96%. But the variations depend on the specific segments players bet on. The highest RTP is typically found in the bonus rounds. That adds an extra incentive to trigger these features. Betting options range from 10 cents to most of 10,000 times the initial stake. Thus, provides a lot of opportunities for big wins.

The Irresistible Appeal of Funky Time:

1. Immersive Disco-Themed Atmosphere:

Funky Time game stands out with its lively disco-themed studio. Also along with the theme it has an engaging live host. The game’s presentation creates a unique and unforgettable atmosphere. Thus, transporting players to a vibrant disco party while enjoying their favorite live casino game.

2. Enhanced Bonuses and Potential Winnings:

Funky Time’s bonus rounds offer players the chance to win large sums of money. Such as the BAR Bonus, STAYIN’ ALIVE Bonus, Disco Bonus, and VIP Disco Party Bonus. Also, it offers the opportunity to collect multipliers. Also, trigger these bonuses too. Thus it adds fun and the potential for huge winnings.

3. Accessible and Enjoyable Gameplay:

With its simple gameplay mechanics, Funky Time appeals to all players. The intuitive interface and clear betting options make it easy for players to start. Thus, they can immerse themselves in the game’s energetic and entertaining environment.


Evolution Gaming’s Funky Time game brings the spirit of disco to the live casino scene. Also, deliver a groovy and highly rewarding gaming experience. It offers captivating gameplay, an immersive disco-themed atmosphere, and enticing bonus rounds. Also, Funky Time offers players the chance to win big. And even players can enjoy the electrifying vibe of a 70s dance floor. Whether you’re a fan of live casino games or seeking something new and exciting. Funky Time promises a memorable and rewarding journey into the world of disco. Get ready to embrace the funky beats. And test your luck with the Funky Time game by Evolution Gaming.

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