Exploring The Most Popular Traditional & Local Games Of Bangladesh

Bangladesh, a country rich in culture and heritage, boasts a vibrant tradition of traditional and local games. Generations have played these games, and they remain an integral part of the country’s social fabric. In this blog, we will explore some of the most beloved traditional and local popular games, including card games, cherished by the people of Bangladesh.

Traditional and Local Games in Bangladesh

Boli Khela: The Game of Bidding

Boli Khela is Bangladesh’s traditional wrestling form. The game is especially popular in Chittagong, where it is considered a national game. As the name suggests, Boli Khela means ‘game of strong men’ or ‘game of wrestlers’.

The month of March and April is known as “Chaitra” in the Bangla calendar, and it is the most popular month for Boli Khela. In Chittagong’s port city, Laldighi Maidan, thousands of supporters gather for a festival on April 25th.

The Game of Beads, Sholo Guti

Sholo Guti is a popular board game in Bangladesh. The “Sixteen Soldiers.” This two-player game. People play this with a rectangular grid. Each person has 16 game pieces or beads. The goal is to take your opponent’s pieces by smartly moving your own pieces. Each player takes a turn, trying to outsmart their opponent and take as many pieces as possible. Sholo Guti takes quick thinking and planning ahead, which is why many Bangladeshis love to play it.

Ha-du-du: The Tag Game

Tag and wrestling are both parts of the famous Bangladeshi game ha-du-du. The game takes place on an open field, and the two teams compete against each other. The objective is for one team to tag opposing team members and bring them back to their area without being caught. Ha-du-du is a game that involves agility, teamwork, and quick reflexes. It is fun and physically demanding, and both kids and adults like to play it.


‘Bouchhi’ is a traditional game popular in Bangladesh. ‘Bouuchhi’ is composed of two words, ‘Bou’ and ‘Chhi’. The word ‘Bou’ or ‘Budi’ or ‘Ghughu’ is used here to describe the beautiful young bride while ‘Chhi’ refers to a sound made by inhaling one long breath.

‘Bouchhi’ is primarily played by girls between the ages of five and sixteen in rural courtyards. There are some parts of the country where both boys and girls participate in this game. It is a seasonal game that is played primarily during the dry season, especially in the spring, fall and winter. To play ‘Bouchhi’, you need a flat, grassy area.

Ludo: The Traditional Board Game

Even though Ludo is not very popular in Bangladesh, many people love this game. This popular board game is a must-have in many homes, and people of all ages love to play it. People play Ludo on a square board with different colored pieces. The goal is to get your pieces to the center of the board before your opponents do. The game is popular for family get-togethers and friendly competitions because it includes rolling dice and making strategic decisions.

Tilo Express

The Tilo Express game is similar to Hide and Seek. In this game, the seeker must shout out the name of each player they find (and then the word ‘express’) to eliminate that person. The uneliminated players can win by tagging that player and shouting ‘linden’.

Games like “Tilo-Express,” keep children engaged, and entertained and taught them some of the most invaluable lessons in socializing firsthand.


Women play ekka-dokka (Bengali), also known as guti. A broken clay pot is used to play Guti. Flat clay can be square or round. On the ground, a three-yard box is made and cut into six smaller ones. The exact number of boxes is on other forms. The first box is called EK-ER GHOR, the second DUI-ER GHOR, and so on until there are five boxes. The last big half-circle is called SAMUNDRA. Each box has a set place for it.

The players roll their guti into the first box at the starting line. In this game, the player turns the guti with the toes of one foot into the second box, turns it with the toes of the second foot into the third box, and continues this pattern until reaching the fifth box.

At that point, the player turns back toward their starting place in the same manner but in the opposite direction. After completing one round, the player rolls the guti from the second box while singing the song Ekka-Dokka. If the guti falls on the line, the player is considered out if they choose the wrong box, leave their playing area, or put both feet in the box.

Gulli Danda:

Boys play gulli danda (Bengali). The players use a four-inch GULLI and a two-foot danda to play the game. The danda is used to push the gulli off a four-inch-deep pit. The enemy is in pursuit of the gulli. If the first player gets caught or is hit by the danda and eliminated, the second player can push the gulli. If the first person is still in, he hits gulli. First, he hits one side of the gulli to send it slightly into the air.

Then, he hits it with Danda to send it as far as possible. With three hits, the Gulli bounces. The guli must be far away after three hits. If he misses three times, he is “out”, and the second player pushes the gulli. People who don’t like this flying Gulli try to catch it again. If the player is not out, he gets points by figuring out how far Gulli is from the pit. They also throw gulli with danda so the players can hit it. You get a double or triple if you hit twice or three times.

Local Popular Card Games of Bangladesh:

1. 29 Card Game

There are several variants of twenty-eight, but 29 is the most popular. It takes place over three rounds, and the winner of the last round gets an extra point. The 29-card game is a popular pastime in South Asia (especially Bangladesh).

The bidding process starts at 16. When showing the king and queen of the same color of the Trump, the bidding increases or decreases by 4 points depending on which team has shown the pair which is the defender or bidding team.

2. Call Bridge or Call Break

Call bridge also known as Call Break is another game that is very popular in Bangladesh. And this game is a popular pastime game in Bangladesh and other South Asian Countries like Nepal, and India.

The call Break card game needs four players to start. And also, the 52-card standard deck is used. In this game, spades are powerful and beat the rest of the cards in it.


Bangladesh boasts a diverse array of traditional and local games that have captivated the hearts of its people for generations. From the strategic bidding of Boli Khela to the tactical moves of Sholo Guti, these games provide a source of joy, social interaction, and cultural preservation.

Whether it’s the card game of Bauchhi, the excitement of Ha-du-du, or the nostalgia of Ludo, these games bring people together, fostering bonds and creating lasting memories. As Bangladesh continues to embrace modernity, it is important to cherish and celebrate these traditional and local games that are integral to the country’s cultural heritage.

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