Exploring Low-Risk Options: Which Online Casino Game Is the Safest to Play?

The world of online casinos is similar to a big playground with a huge number of different games to play. Some of these casino games are a bit riskier than others. Basically, it means you might win or lose more money depending on how lucky you are. But if you want to be safer and not take big chances, it’s good to know which online casino games are less risky. Though we all know that no game can guarantee you’ll win, there are games where you have a better chance of not losing too much. Thus, in this article, we’ll look at some of the safest online casino games. And also learn about how they work and what you can do to play them smartly.
Let’s get in.


If you are a regular casino player, you would definitely know about this card game where you’re trying to get a score of 21 or less, but you want to have a higher score than the person dealing the cards. Yes, the online casino games we are talking about is blackjack. The best thing about this game is that you can actually make certain decisions to increase your chances of winning. The casino doesn’t win all the time. In fact the casino has a little advantage that we call it “house edge.”

In the game of blackjack, this advantage is really low. It is usually around 0.5% if you play in a strategic way. You can use some basic strategies for good winning chances. Those strategies as well as skills help you make the best decisions in different intense situations. Thus, it makes blackjack one of the least risky online casino games. You can definitely make a lot out of it, if played with strategy.


Baccarat is a fancy online casino game, but it’s not at all complicated. This is also a card game in which you place the bets on whose hand will have strong cards. Basically two major choices to bet are, player’s hand and the other one is Banker’s hand. You can also bet on a tie, but that’s a bit riskier than the other two. The safest bet in baccarat is to bet on the dealer’s hand. It has a small advantage for the casino, around 1.06%. Betting on your own hand is a bit riskier with an advantage of about 1.24%. Ties are not so safe because the casino has a bigger advantage there. So, if you’re looking for a simple online casino game with less risk, baccarat is a good choice, especially if you bet on the dealer.

Video Poker

Video poker is an online casino game that is a mix of regular poker and a slot machine. It’s just you against the computer, and you don’t have to worry about other players. Player’s main goal is to make the best poker hand. Therefore it is obvious that the better your hand, the more you will win. The neat thing is that if you know which cards to keep and which to change, you can actually lower the risk quite a bit. Some versions of video poker have a house edge of less than 1% if you use the right strategy. Thus, the whole experience is similar to playing poker, but, along with that, you can use your smarts to make it safer.

Craps (Pass/Don’t Pass Bets)

Craps is one of the most interesting dice games. Though it might look a little confusing at first. But there are definitely some of the bets that are quite easy to understand as well as safer to play. One of them is called the “Pass” bet, where you’re betting that the dice will show a certain number before showing a 7. In this bet the house edge is quite low too. It is about 1.41%. Apart from that similar bet is the “Don’t Pass” bet, where you’re betting the opposite. These bets are basically on the chances that the dice will cooperate or not. The risk among those bets are quite low as compared to other ones.


We all know that no online casino games can guarantee you’ll always win, there are few casino games that give you a better chance of not losing too much money. Those games include blackjack, baccarat (especially betting on the dealer), video poker (if you know the right moves), and certain craps bets are the ones to consider. Those will offer you more safety in the casino as well as least riskier. Just remember, gambling should always be for fun, and it’s important to set limits and be responsible while playing.

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