Evolution Gaming’s Newest Game Bac Bo: Review & Tips

Good news!!

Gamblers must be really happy to find out about a new game. Which, Evolution gaming has been introduced recently called ‘Bac Bo’. This is a dealer table game. Interestingly the name of the game came from the two other games i.e Baccarat and Sic Bo. The combination of both helped with the name. As a result, a new game is born.

Bac Bo is quite easy to play. There are two pairs of dice. Those are rolled at the same time. Both Banker and the Player do it. Now, it is, to sum up, the number that came up on both dices. Those with higher sums win.

There are only three outcomes:

  1.  Player wins.
  2. Banker wins.
  3. It’s a tie.

There is an interesting thing about the Bac Bo. If there is a tie with both ones or sixes, the bet is paid at eighty-eight ratio one.

How to play

Bac Bo is even simpler as compared to Baccarat.

There are 4 dice in total. Two are red color and the other two are blue. Out of those red are for Players and blue for the Banker.

Now at the beginning, the dice are put on four shakers. And those vibrate for 15 seconds.

Dices do not reveal their numbers on top simultaneously. The series goes as first one dice of the player’s then the same of banker’s and likewise other two.

Now as mentioned earlier, the sum of the respective dice is done. And, the higher one wins.

However, there is a tie situation too. In that case, 90 percent of the total bet is paid. The fee charged is just 10%.

How to place Bets

The bets are placed mainly on three positions. Those are as follows:

  1. Banker: If the person who placed the bet wins. The banker pays an equal amount. However, if it is a tie. One-ninth of the bet is paid back.
  2. Player: Just like the Banker, the Player pays the amount in 1:1 during a win. Also, 10% is cut during a tie.
  3. Tie: Now this is the tricky part. It ranges between 4:1 to 88:1. For instance, 4 or 10 makes it a 10 ratios 1.

Bac Bo winning strategy

Basically, a sure-shot win isn’t guaranteed. But, still, we have the two most used strategies in Bac

Bo. Those are the Martingale strategy and the Alternate strategy.

Martingale strategy: This method is basically for the one who always has money in hand to bet more. As per this, in a Bas Bo game, keep placing the same bets by twice the amount you placed in the last bet. Keep doing that until it works. However, of course, you need to have enough money to keep it going till you win.

Alternate Strategy: It is another playing method, some follow. You can keep changing the bets from banker to the player and again to the banker and so on. Or, you can place a bet on an event that hasn’t occurred for quite a time now. It always probably favors the bet.


Bac Bo is similar to baccarat but uses the dice. Both baccarat and sic bo were combined together to develop Bac Bo. Still, it has some unique features too.

This game is targetting the Asian regions. Bac Bo is easy to play as compared to the games it originated from.

Evolution Gaming has always been marvelous in visuals and features. Therefore, it will be much of a fun experience to play Bac Bo.

There are definitely some of the things which it lacks. They could have offered side bets like odd and even bets or big and small bets.

Bac Bo must have the feature to add more players. Which would have made it more lively.

Tips for the Players

Try betting small at the beginning. Which will result in having fun and continuing playing.

Even though it is easy to play, still go through the rules and methods to play in advance.

As ties have a higher rate of occurrence, helping the banker to earn 10% each time. So, bet accordingly.

There are road maps, which come with the Bac Bo. It picturizes the past games. One can go through those and understand the occurrence of numbers on each roll.


We really hope that this article will be informative as well as be of the utmost assistance to you. I am glad that readers are reading this. And, hope you are finding it informative. Also, I promise to deliver more such informative articles in the future too.

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