Everything You Should Know About Low Wagering Casinos

Many players visit casinos on daily basis. Some are experienced and some are rookie players. Well-experienced players because they have experience don’t lose much often in casinos. But the problem is faced by rookie players who have just started to play casino games.

Now different casinos have different house edges on casino games. There is no set standard that particular games should have a particular house edge. And because of this reason, some casinos apply high house edges on games and the consequences are faced by rookie players. So these players can visit low-wagering casinos. In this article, you will get everything to know about low-wagering casinos.

So if you are a rookie or an inexperienced player this article will be useful for you.

What are Wagers?

Wagers are simply the money you bet in each round. So in simple words, a wager means a bet. Anything you place in a casino game to win is called a wager.

The meaning of wager does not change for both online and offline/real/land-based casinos.

Now that you know what are wagers let’s see what are low wagering casinos.

What are low-wagering casinos?

Now many people don’t know about low-wagering casinos. Low-wagering casinos are very beneficial for rookie and inexperienced players. As the name suggests these casinos have low wagers on the casino games. In some casinos, there is a rule that to play this game you will have to wager a minimum amount. And the minimum amount is approximately about $100. So if you lose this wager it’s gone forever.

But this is not the case in low-wagering casinos. In these casinos, you can wager an amount of $15 to play a game. And this amount is comparatively very low than normal casinos. Also, low-wagering casinos have fewer house edges on the games.

House edge is an amount that the casino will get if you lose a game. Normally house edges are determined in percentages. Like 10%, 7%, 20%, etc.

Low-wagering casinos are very good for new players because the risk ratio of losing a huge amount of money is lowered in these casinos.

Now you can make use of online low-wagering casinos as there are not many land-based/real low-wagering casinos.

How to select low-wagering casinos?

There are many things to consider while choosing a low-wagering casino. Some of the important things are mentioned below.

1. Fairness

As discussed above that comparatively there are fewer land-based low-wagering casinos when compared with online low-wagering casinos. So while looking for such casinos whether online or offline you have to make sure that the casinos have a fairness certificate. This certificate is issued by eCOGRA, GLI, etc. A fairness certificate indicates how fair or good the casino is with the players.

Is the casino providing a low wager as the name suggests, is the casino offering proper bonuses, etc can easily be determined by a fairness certificate?

2. Customer Support

A good casino must be able to solve all your doubts, problems, etc. You should always check the reviews of other players while selecting a low-wagering casino.

3. Bonuses

Low-wagering casinos offer many types of bonuses to their users, this is common. So while selecting the casino make sure that it is offering you good bonuses with no deposit amounts or anything. Also, make sure you read all the terms and conditions of the bonuses.

4. Games

Make sure the casino you are selecting has all the games. Also, make sure you check the house edges on all the games the house edges should not be more than 12%.

The points are the same whether you are looking for an online or offline low-wagering casino.

Types of bonuses

Low-wagering casino offer different types of bonuses to their players. Some of the common bonuses are mentioned below.

1. Free spins

Most of the casinos offer free spin as a type of bonus. Free spins can contain anything from free cash to gifts like iPhones or premium membership of the club, etc. These free spins can be daily, weekly, or monthly. Most of the low-wagering casino offers weekly free spins to their players.

2. Cashback

This is also a common type of bonus you can say, usually most of the casinos offer you about 5%-8% cashback on the amount you spent to buy chips, tokens, etc.

So these 2 types of bonuses are very common other than this some bonuses are.

Guest rewards

Complementary bonuses

Free tokens and chips, etc.

Best low wagering casinos out there

1. Betvisa

2. Betfair Casino

3. LeoVegas

4. 888Casino

5. BoomCasino


Finding low-wagering casino online is easier as compared to finding them in the real world. There are many low-wagering casinos online with great bonuses and gifts for their users. But you have to be a little careful while selecting the best casino for yourself as many frauds and scams are happing with online casino users.

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