Edge Sorting In Baccarat Game – Explained

What is a baccarat game?

It is a very popular casino game played by comparing cards between two hands, “player” and “banker”. Each baccarat game has three outcomes: “player”, “banker”, and “tie”.

In a baccarat game, each card has certain points. All the cards with numbers 1 to 10 are worth their face value. Example – 1 of spade has 1 point, 5 of hearts has 5 points, etc. All the cards with the number 10 have no points same goes for jack, queen, and king. All the aces are worth 1 point. And the joker is not used in the game.

In the game the banker’s hand will win approximately about 46% of the time, the player’s hand wins approximately about 45% of the time and the tie wins approximately about  9.6% of the time.

Baccarat is a very simple guessing game. A player just has to bet on the right hand which will win either the banker’s hand or the player’s hand.

Now that you know what baccarat games let’s know what is edge sorting in baccarat games.

Some people might be familiar with this concept and some might not. But understanding edge sorting is not rocket science.

What is edge sorting in the baccarat game?

In the edge sorting technique, players make use of the back of the cards. To identify a specific card. This trick or technique is used by the players to get a slight advantage over the casinos.

To do edge sorting one needs a defective deck of cards. A defective deck of cards means cards with slightly different patterns.

At the start, the deck of cards looks similar but a person with good vision can easily find out the difference in the patterns on the back of the cards.

When the cards are cut they are not hundred percent symmetrical. But just by looking at the cards, you don’t get an advantage over the casino for that you will have to sort the cards.

Now in casinos cards are only sorted by the dealer. So this needs to be done with eagle’s eyes or by making use of smart requesting techniques.

How to cheat using the edge sorting technique?

Well, it’s not lame cheating but smart cheating. It requires good vision and brain work. So to do edge sorting you will first have to find a casino that uses a defective deck of cards.

After you find a casino you will have to ask the dealer to rotate face cards. If the dealer is unaware of your trick he/she will do what you say.

Once everything is set the high cards will be rotated one way and the low cards the other. So when the game starts the player can distinguish between the low and high cards and can place his/her bets accordingly.

To make this technique work at its fullest the casino should use an automatic card shuffler. If the cards are shuffled by the manual dealer then this technique cannot be used.

Is edge sorting illegal?

Well, edge sorting can be termed as clever gameplay and not cheating. And it is not cheating because using this technique does not involve interference in the game. So edge sorting is not illegal.


Edge sorting is a very popular technique used by clever players who have experience in casino games. It requires keen vision and a lot of brain work. It is not an illegal technique or trick because it does not lead to any kind of interference with the game. This technique can be used by more experienced players when compared with other normal players. It is a very clever technique that helps you win the game in a certain manner.

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