Dragon Tiger Casino Game: What You Need To Know

Online Casinos are places where people look and go for entertainment, enjoyment, earning money, and for trying luck. So in casinos, people get an opportunity to play various types of games like poker, three-card poker, blackjack, craps, baccarat, etc. But one should always be careful while playing these casino games he/she should have a sense of how they are playing, how much they are betting, and how much they are getting in return.

Another type of game that is played by many people but not mentioned in the above games is dragon and tiger casino. It is a very popular game amongst people.

But some people want to play dragon and tiger casino. But can’t because they don’t know how to play this game or some people think that it is quite hard work to learn how to play dragon and tiger casino.

Today in this article we will help those people who want to play this game but they don’t know how to. This article will give detailed information about the game how to play it, what are the odds of winning, some tricks to win the game, etc.

So before knowing how to play the game let’s see what is dragon and tiger casino.

So it is a very easy game to play if you are the kind of person who likes fast games then this game won’t disappoint you at all. It is a game played with cards. And the two players are asked to either bet on a dragon or a tiger. You win depending on whether you bet on dragon or tiger and on which option the highest card falls.

So as you saw the game is quite simple it has certain rules that all players need to follow while playing.


1. So a player can bet only on one of the two options either dragon or tiger.

2. If the game ties you will get 50 percent of the amount which you have betted. And 10x additional payout of the bet amount.

3. Dragon and tiger casino game makes use of cards so the cards which are used in the game are drawn from a shoe that contains six to eight pre-shuffled cards.

4. Each player on the table has his/her own set of dragon, tiger, and tie boxes.

5. The value of the cards are little different in this game. Usually, the aces have the highest value followed by the king, queen, jack, and other number cards. But in this game, the king, queen, and jack have the highest value followed by the number cards and the aces have the lowest value.

6. You win the game only if the option which you have chosen has the highest value otherwise you lose. Example – ‘A’ chooses the dragon option and ‘B’ chooses the tiger option and the cards are drawn. The dragon gets a king of hearts and the tiger gets the queen of hearts. In this case, ‘A’ wins the game.

7. Players playing dragon and tiger casino can also place their bets on a tie. Placing their bets on a tie indicates that the player assumes that both the cards drawn would be of the same value only. No card will be smaller or greater in value.

8. After the players have placed their bets on either of the two options (dragon or tiger) the dealer draws one card and places it on the dragon option followed by the tiger option. The sequence does not change any matter in what casino you play the game.

How to play

1. You first select an option you want to bet on (dragon or tiger) after selecting the option you place chips on the option you have chosen.

2. After placing the chips the dealer draws the cards and places the cards according to the sequence on the options first the dragon and second the tiger.

3. You win the game only if you have the highest value of the card on your selected option or box otherwise you lose the game.

See playing dragon and casino is very simple.

Tricks you can use

1. Don’t go “all in”

2. Don’t use only one option or box even if you are winning

3. Don’t bet too high after winning a few sets

4. Make use of the tie box


Dragon and tiger casino is a very popular and fun game to be played. This game is very simple to learn and entertaining. And also has less risk involved if you place your bets correctly. If you follow the rules and the tricks mentioned above properly you can make some good returns.

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