Crazy Time Game: A Comprehensive Guide

Evolution Gaming is improving the online gaming industry with its rewarding live casino games. One of their most popular creations is Crazy Time game. It is a thrilling game that mixes traditional casino games with a modern twist. Thus, in this article, we will provide a guide on how to play Crazy Time game. Also, we will include an explanation of the rules. And also about gameplay mechanics, and strategies to increase winning.

Understanding the Basics

Crazy Time game is a live casino game that features an attractive studio environment. Also, offers a charismatic live host. Players can join the game from their homes. And also interact with the host and other players in real-time. The aim of Crazy Time is to predict the outcome of the game. Thus, place bets as per the information, to win.

The Game Elements

Money Wheel:

The Money Wheel is the central element of a Crazy Time game. It has various segments. And each represents a different outcome. These outcomes include numbers (1, 2, 5, and 10. It also includes four exciting bonus rounds. Such as Coin Flip, Pachinko, Cash Hunt, and Crazy Time. Thus, the Money Wheel determines the results of each round.

Payouts and Multipliers:

Crazy Time offers a range of payouts and multipliers to spice up the gameplay. The numbers on the wheel come with corresponding payout ratios. For example, 1:1 for the number 1. Also, there are segments on the wheel that feature multipliers. Those multiply the payouts of the respective bet. Such as 2x and 5x.

Bonus Rounds:

Crazy Time is famous for its entertaining bonus rounds. Those offer chances to win large. Let’s take a closer look at each bonus round:

a. Cash Hunt:

In this round, a huge screen appears with various multipliers hidden behind symbols. Players choose a symbol. Thus the multiplier behind it becomes their win multiplier.

b. Coin Flip:

The Coin Flip bonus round presents two possible outcomes. Those are a red side and a blue side. One places the bets on the side they choose. Thus, if it lands facing up, the corresponding payout is awarded.

c. Pachinko:

Inspired by the popular Japanese game, Pachinko offers an exciting vertical wall. But with different slots at the bottom. A puck is dropped from the top. It bounces through the pins until it lands in one of the slots. Also, the multiplier associated with the slot determines the payout.

d. Crazy Time:

This is the ultimate bonus round that players eagerly expect. It features a gigantic, rotating wheel with various multipliers. Players bet on a number. And if the wheel stops on their chosen number, that multiplier applies to the bet.

How to Play Crazy Time game?

Placing Bets:

To play the Crazy Time game, players need to place their bets before each round begins. They can bet on numbers or choose to take part in one of the bonus rounds. The interface displays the available bet options and their corresponding payouts. Players simply select their desired bet amount. Thus, click on the appropriate area of the screen to place the bet.

Interactive Features:

Crazy Time game provides an engaging and social gaming experience. Also, players can interact with the live host and other players through a chat feature. And also, players actively take part in bonus rounds. They do so by making selections and influencing the outcomes.

Strategies and Tips

Bankroll Management:

Like any casino game, it’s crucial to practice effective bankroll management while playing the Crazy Time game. Set a budget for your gaming session. Also stick to it. Avoid chasing losses too. And know when to take breaks. Thus you can maintain a responsible and enjoyable gaming experience.

Understanding Odds and Probabilities:

To make the right decisions, it’s important to understand the odds. Also, you must know the probabilities of each bet type in a Crazy Time game. Study the payout ratios and check the risk-reward ratio before placing bets.

Balanced Betting Approach:

Consider adopting a balanced betting approach in Crazy Time. Diversify your bets across different outcomes to cut risk. Also, it can help to maximize potential returns. Combining bets on numbers and participating in bonus rounds can help create a great strategy.

Responsible Gambling

Evolution Gaming promotes responsible gambling. Also, players should always approach gaming with caution. Set limits on your playing time and expenditure. If you feel that gambling is becoming problematic. Seek help right away. You can even use the available self-exclusion tools.


Crazy Time game is a live casino game that offers a unique mix of traditional casino elements and modern gameplay mechanics. With its appealing studio environment, charismatic live host, and exciting bonus rounds, Crazy Time provides the best gaming experience. Also, by understanding the game’s rules, using strategies, and more, players can enhance their enjoyment. Thus, enjoy this thrilling Evolution Gaming creation.

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