Bookmakers limit accounts for the following reasons

Online bookies despise successful bettors. You’ve almost come across limit accounts. Perhaps you’ve had a similar experience, especially if you’re profitable at gambling. The main reason a bookmaker would suspend an account is suspicions or proof of arbitrage. It is the process of using various bookmaker odds to place sure bets.

Bookmakers usually prohibit that, which mention in their terms and conditions. Unfortunately, there are many more real or false appeals where bookies want to get rid of you.

The Most Common Reasons Why Bookmakers Limit Accounts

We’ve compiled thorough information on bookmakers’ most common reasons to limit an account. After reading this, you’ll better understand what bookies think before restricting accounts. Remember this as you go on with your sports betting.

You Win Far Too Often.

Your betting account may be restricted or closed if you win too much. This is the common reason sportsbooks limit or shuts down betting accounts. It’s nice to win but not ideal if your betting account is restricted or closed.

Sportsbooks exist to earn a profit. Sportsbooks tolerate clients that win sporadically. If you win more, the sportsbook will lose money on you, which they do not enjoy. While not fair, they have the right to stop your account if you win too much.

Abuse of Bonuses and Promotions

Sportsbooks will ban some accounts if the client abuse incentives and promotions. While it is common for online sites to provide several bonuses, they do not want you to take advantage of them. Sportsbooks offer these promos to attract new clients while keeping current customers pleased.

Sportsbooks will track how you wager on promotional offers to prevent misuse. If you use the bonus, the odds are that your account will not be lucrative for the sportsbook.

Arbitrage Opportunity

Bookies dislike arbitrage. Allow us to explain arbitrage if you’re unfamiliar with the term. Arbitrage is when you bet on both outcomes of an event when the odds differ. If you can discover a large difference in the odds, you can make money regardless of the outcome.

The purpose of arbing is usually generates a profit, but bookmakers lose. As a result, sportsbooks will try to identify accounts that may use arbitrage or stop them to reduce loss. Accounts that almost always bet non-round wager sums are one of the red flags for sportsbooks.

Possible Multiple Accounts

People with multiple accounts are one of the things that sportsbooks dislike. People will do this to take advantage of bonuses and promotional offers. For example, a man with his account may register an account in his wife’s name to double his welcome bonus. Unfortunately, this isn’t cool in the eyes of online sportsbooks. They will generally shut accounts fast once they detect a duplicate account.

Online sportsbooks have several ways to assist them in identifying potential duplicate accounts. On a fundamental level, we know they use IP address tracking. But it becomes much more complicated than that. Many of their strategies and tools for detecting duplicate accounts are proprietary. A sportsbook will close a known same account. But they may also limit or close an account if they suspect it is a duplicate one.

You Place Odd Bets

They will report your account if you wind up betting strange sums. Bookmakers call Non-round wagers “strange sums.”

Arbitragers, often known as arbers, are good gamblers. They’ve utilized their techniques and procedures to make special bets to the penny. As a result, arbers end up making frequent wagers at odd sums. Arbers cost sportsbooks money in the long run. You’ll want to do your best to avoid betting like one to protect your account from being limited or canceled.

Ignoring Bonuses and Special Offers

Another indicator of a professional gambler is if you disregard bonus offers. Many skilled gamblers will not waste their time dealing with bonus offers. They usually use a betting strategy and don’t discuss promotional offers.

Even if it is not purposeful, your lack of usage may result in your account being limited or terminated. Using at least one offer on your account, you should be in good shape to avoid being a professional gambler.

Your Actions

Bookmakers will watch user behavior as they look for prospective professional gamblers. When you visit the site, one of the things they check for is how long you stay. If you’re a regular sports betting, you’ll spend a lot of time on the site poking for future wagers. You could also watch live matches on the bookmaker’s website.

Professional gamblers behave differently than leisure gamblers. Professionals will log in, place the stake, and then move to another website to place more wagers. Professionals will not be staying around to hang out.


It is not unlawful for a sportsbook to limit, close, or refuse to take your wager. Even if a sportsbook advertises a bet with sure odds, they are not required to take your wager. You can’t make someone place a bet. While this is difficult, it is true.

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