Betvisa Deposit: Limits, Bonus | A Guide On How to Deposit in Betvisa

Betvisa Casino is one of the renowned websites, grabbing attention all over the world. It is basically a place of reliability where you can play games and bet on sports. If you want to use Betvisa India or Betvisa Bangladesh, you need to put some money into your account. Thus, we’ll explain how you can do this and what you should know if you are from India or Bangladesh. Therefore, here it is all about Betvisa deposit.
Let’s get in.

Betvisa Deposit Methods for India

If you are a fan of betting and visiting Betvisa casino in India, you have several different ways to add money to your account. Thus, you have the following choices for Betvisa deposit:

1. UPI (Unified Payments Interface): UPI transfers are in a lead for use as a method for Betvisa deposit. Basically, it is a way to send money from your bank to your Betvisa India account. Moreover, its speed is what the UPI is known for.

2. IMPS (Immediate Payment Service): IMPS also, lets you quickly send money from your bank. It is basically a part of the banking system, which is quite secure too. However, the bank charges a nominal fee for the transaction through IMPS.

3. Paytm: Paytm is a popular digital payment method in India. It is also a byproduct of UPI. However, now they have their own digital bank as well.

4. PhonePe: This is a mobile app that lets you pay online. It also uses the UPI to complete the transactions.

5. AstroPay: AstroPay is a prepaid card you can use for online payments.

6. Indian Bank Transfer: You can also send money directly from your bank. Moreover, under bank transfer you have all the rights to contact the bank when you find any issue with the Betvisa deposit.

7. USDT (Tether): If you like using cryptocurrencies, you can use USDT. However, the rate of those in the local currencies keep on changing.

Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal Amounts

The smallest amount you can put into your Betvisa India account in India is 200 Indian Rupees (INR). Yes, you can deposit such a low amount. Also, most of the time, you won’t be charged any extra fees for this. However, some cryptocurrencies as well as a few banking transfer methods might ask for fees.

On the other hand, if you want to take your money out of Betvisa casino, you need at least 2000 INR. Not even a penny less than that. It might take different amounts of time to get your money depending on how you take it out. The rules for the different methods are on Betvisa.

Minimum Deposit Amount at the Betvisa App

Once again, if you want to use the Betvisa app in India, you’ll need to put in at least 200 INR. The ways are mentioned above that you can use for Betvisa deposit. You can use the same ways to deposit money as on the website. Such as PayTm, UPI, Net Banking, Bank transfer, and PhonePe.

First Deposit Bonus

A warm welcome is always appreciated. Betvisa app also welcomes new users with big bonuses.  Moreover, if you like betting on sports, you can get a bonus that’s 100% of your deposit, up to 5000 INR. Thus, to get this amusing bonus, you only need to deposit 500 INR.

However, the bonus is not only for sports betting lovers. In fact, if you prefer casino games, there’s also a 100% bonus for your first deposit, up to 20,000 INR. Thus, there are limits to it, don’t look to deposit huge amounts irrespective of the maximum bonus. The minimum deposit for the casino bonus is also 500 INR. Remember to read as well as follow the rules when you get these bonuses.

How to Deposit via PayTM

Now let’s begin to understand the process in detail. Therefore, if you want to put money into your Betvisa casino account using PayTM, follow these steps:

1. After logging in, click on the deposit button in the top-right corner of the deposit area. It’s right in front of you and easy to locate.

2. Choose the PayTM option from the list of payment methods.

3. Enter how much money you want to deposit and give your PayTM ID and other information that’s needed. Moreover, never be hasty while filling in those details. As the mistakes can even delay the Betvisa deposits. 

4. Click “Deposit” to finish.

Deposit via Debit Cards

For many people, using a debit card is easy and fast. Also, the information can be saved at the Bevisa app or the website after the first use of a debit card. Moreover, you can use more than open debit cards to do so. Thus, to deposit with a debit card, do this:

1. The first step of this method is exactly like other ways to deposit. Check the deposit button, i.e available on the top-right corner.

2. Payment options will appear right away. Thus, look for the debit card option among the payment methods and select it.

3. Choose how much money you want to deposit, fill in your card details, and click “Deposit.” It will ask you the card number, and CVV number that you can find on the backside of the card. Also, the name on the card and expiry date as well.

4. That’s it. Your money is in your Betvisa India account.

Betvisa Deposit via AstroPay

AstroPay is another choice for depositing money on the Betvisa app. It’s quick, and you often don’t have to pay any extra fees. Here’s how you do it:

1. Click the deposit button in the top-right corner of the deposit area.

2. Find the AstroPay option among the payment methods and choose it.

3. Select the amount you want to put into your account, give your wallet ID, and click “Deposit.”

4. You’ve added money to your Betvisa casino account.

Deposit via UPI

To use UPI to put money in your Betvisa India account, follow these steps:

1. Click the deposit button and choose UPI from the payment methods.

2. Enter the amount you want to deposit and pick your bank.

3. Click “Submit” and complete the transaction using the secure 3rd party terminal. And the funds will reflect right away.

Deposit via IMPS

Many people in India use IMPS a lot, especially if they have modern mobile devices. Here’s how you can use IMPS to deposit money:

1. Log in to your Betvisa India account.

2. Click on “Add Balance,” which is next to your wallet balance on the top of the page.

3. In the “Deposit” section, choose “IMPS.”

4. Put in the amount you want to deposit and pick the bank you want to send money from.

5. Click “Submit,” and finish the transaction using a secure 3rd party terminal.

Standard Deposit Times at Betvisa

Different ways to deposit money might take different amounts of time. Most deposits happen right away, but some could take up to three business days. If the system is very busy, it might take a few hours. Here are the standard times for some of the deposit methods:

a. Paytm: Up to 24 hours

b. Visa: Right away

c. UPI: Up to 72 hours

d. PhonePe: Up to 24 hours

e. USDT: Up to 48 hours

f. AstroPay: Up to 48 hours

g. Net Banking (IMPS/NEFT): Up to 72 hours

h. Bank Transfer: Up to 48 hours

Though the standard time we see here is as per the Betvisa information page. But, for real it takes much less time. Such as UPI do not even take a minute, most of the time. Likewise, Paytm and PhonePe too takes little to no time as well.

Betvisa Deposit Limits

There’s definitely no limit on how much you can deposit at Betvisa casino, but different providers might have limits on how much you can put in at one time. Casinos will obviously be happy to get as much funds as they can get. However, make sure you read the rules before you use a service because big deposits might have extra fees.

Thus choose the Betvisa deposit method and amount as per the limits. Also, you can add money to your Betvisa India account through the website or the mobile app. Therefore, here are the maximum limits for some of the deposit methods:

a. Paytm: 20,000 INR

b. PhonePe: 20,000 INR

c. Bank transfer: 100,000 INR

d. Visa: 100,000 INR

e. UPI: 100,000 INR

f. IMPS: 100,000 INR

g. AstroPay: 100,000 INR

h. USDT: 1,210 USDT

Betvisa Bangladesh Deposit Method

For Betvisa Bangladesh users too, there are simple as well as fast ways to add money to your account. The most common modes that you can use are BKash, Nagad, and Rocket. The smallest and biggest amounts you can deposit might be different, depending on the way you choose:


The BKash is the most common method and most people use it locally for many financial transactions. The maximum you can deposit through BKash is 25000 BDT at one go. However the least that you can deposit in Betvisa through Bkash is 200 BDT. And the good thing is, it reflects into your account immediately.


Same as Bkash, Nagad is also accepting the maximum limit of 25000 BDT. But, it doesn’t mean that you can not deposit more than that. You just need to do another transaction. Moreover, the lower deposit limit is 200 BDT as well. And in deposits instantly too.


And here comes another method of lightning speed to deposit funds in a Betvisa account in Bangladesh. The limit it offers is from 200 BDT to 25000 BDT. And of course it deposits right away too.

Deposit via Bkash

Here’s how you put money into your Betvisa Bangladesh account using Net Banking in Bangladesh:

1. Log in to your Betvisa Bangladesh account.

2. Click “Add Balance,” which is next to your wallet balance on the top of the page.

3. In the “Deposit” part of the Account page, pick “Bkash”

4. Next, it will ask you to enter the amount that you want to put into your Betvisa account.

5. Once all important and necessary information is filled as well as checked, confirm the transaction.

6. You need not to do anything else. Now Betvisa will confirm all the details and if everything is fine, the amount will be reflected in your Betvisa account. Thus, you can use it to have fun.

Deposit via Nagad

To add money to your Betvisa account using Nagad in Bangladesh, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Betvisa Bangladesh account.

2. Click “Add Balance,” which is next to your wallet balance on the top of the page.

3. In the “Deposit” part of the Account page, choose “Nagad” as your payment method.

4. Put in the amount you want to deposit and pick the bank you want to use.

5. Click “Submit” and finish the transaction. And after the verification of Betvisa, you can enjoy the betting with the amount you deposited via Nagad.

Thus, it is quite clear that depositing money in Betvisa Bangladesh is not at all difficult. Also, the methods through which you can do so are huge in numbers. Thus, convenient for users using the method of their own choice.

Betvisa Deposit Summary

Betvisa Bangladesh as well as Betvisa India offers easy and convenient ways to deposit money for both Indian and Bangladeshi users. You can deposit as well as withdraw money in your local currency. It could be any of the Indian Rupees or Bangladeshi Taka. Moreover, the website as well as the app of Betvisa provides a variety of payment options. Such as fast payments through UPI, reliable bank transfers, and even more secure cryptocurrency deposits.

You can do this through the Betvisa website or the mobile app. Moreover, the very new users are welcomed with generous bonuses, making Betvisa a great choice for those interested in online betting and gaming. Rest assured, Betvisa ensures the safety and security of deposits for Indian and Bangladeshi players.

Thus, the above is all about the Betvisa deposit.


1. Can I use the Betvisa deposit bonus twice?

Well, if we talk about merely the welcome bonus. Then it is obviously a big NO. Because a welcome bonus is available only once for all Betvisa users. ANd it is only for a newly registered customer. Also, please make sure to follow the terms and conditions to receive your welcome bonus. However, there are certain bonuses which are offered and can be used multiple times. Affiliate bonus is one of those. Apart from that, there are ample other bonuses and offers that you receive on a fairly regular basis. You just need to know where to look.

2. Can I make deposits in rupees and Taka in Betvisa?

Yes, you can make deposits in Indian rupees as well Bangladeshi Taka. And they are  using various payment methods available to do both.
For Indian rupees we have fast payments through UPI, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies.
Also, Bangladeshi Taka is also the currency you can use in Betvisa deposits. However, the currencies you choose depend upon the country you are operating Betvisa casino in. You can also choose to deposit through the official Betvisa website or the Betvisa app.

3. Can I make deposits in any currency and then convert it to Rupees or Bangladeshi Taka in my Betvisa account?

The thing is, during the deposit you already select the currency. Therefore, once you choose a payment method and currency, you cannot change it. Therefore, it’s essential to select the right payment method when depositing.

4. Do I need to use the deposit method only in my name at the Betvisa account?

Yes, according to Betvisa’s terms and conditions, you must use payment methods registered in your name to confirm your identity. Else, you can not make the Betvisa deposits at all.

5. Can I add more than one debit card at Betvisa?

Yes, Betvisa allows you to add multiple debit cards to your account, provided that the cards are registered in your name. Simply choose your preferred debit card from the list of payment options, complete the required information and deposit money. However, the condition is that the details on the card and the ones you provided to Betvisa, must match.

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