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Are you one of those players who enjoys playing games on Betvisa? It is an online place where you can gamble as well as have fun. Moreover, the Betvisa app has a huge number of special offers for you. Among those promotional offers, it has a referral bonus too. They want to give you a big bonus of 300. And to claim this bonus you merely need to invite your friends to join the fun too. This is called the Betvisa Referral Bonus. Thus, in this article, we will explain all the details of this offer in simple words, so you can understand it easily. Also, the steps that you can follow to enjoy this generous offer.
Let’s get in.

Promotion Details:

Referral Bonus: 300 –

This basically means that when you invite your friends, both you and your friends will get 300 as a Betvisa referral bonus. Well of course, you need to complete some requirements that are associated with the referral bonus of Betvisa.

Total Deposit: 1,500 (Refereral) –

Your friends need to deposit 1,500 into their Betvisa app accounts for you to get the bonus. It is a must to complete the requirements if you want to claim this bonus. Also, without 1500 deposit made by the person you invited, you can not get the referral bonus.

Duration: Within 30 days –

Your friends must make their deposit within 30 days of joining Betvisa. This one-month period is strictly to be kept in consideration. In fact, crossing it without making the deposit, you will get no bonus at all.

Max Withdrawal: Unlimited –

There’s no limit to how much money you can take out if you win using this bonus. There are many different types of bonuses that put a restriction on withdrawing the money that a player won using the specific bonus. But, that is not the case in Betvisa referral bonus. Thus, you win as much as you can and win all at once.

Game Type: All (Except Sport) –

You can use this Betvisa referral bonus to play any games on Betvisa, except for sports betting. Yes, if you are a sports betting lover, that’s sad news for you. You can avail this bonus by opting for sports betting.

Turnover: 1x –

You need to bet the bonus amount once before you can withdraw any winnings. Yes, only once. However, you might have come across many promotional offers that require more than 20 wagers. But, not in this referral bonus by Betvisa.

Frequency: Unlimited –

You can use this Betvisa referral bonus as many times as you want. As the casino would never mind the more and more users on their platform. Thus, they offer a referral bonus for unlimited times for each of the current users. Therefore, claim as much bonus as you can.

Eligible Platforms:

Betvisa app wants you to have fun on their platform, so they let you use the bonus on different types of games, such as slots, fishing games, live casino games, 3D games, and e-games.

Terms & Conditions:

To make sure everything is fair and square, Betvisa has some rules you should know about:

1. Referral Link:

When your friends sign up, they need to use a special link from Betvisa’s Referral page. This way, the system knows you invited them. Thus, keeps a record about which player must receive the bonus.

2. Redemption:

To get the bonus, you and your friends need to go to the Referral page on the Betvisa app and click on the bonus ticket.

3. No Combining Promotions:

You can’t use this Betvisa referral bonus with any other special offers. Only one bonus at a time, please! However, if you try otherwise, you will lose both the bonuses.

4. Single Account:

You are only allowed to have one Betvisa app account. Thus, if you try to make more than one or do something tricky, Betvisa will lock your accounts and take away your deposits. But, none wants that.

5. Excluded Bets:

Some types of bets, like betting on both sides or games that get canceled, don’t count towards using the bonus. Thus, make sure you make those bets that makes you eligible for the bonus.

6. BetVisa’s Rules:

Betvisa app can change or stop this bonus offer if they need to. They want to make sure everything is fair for everyone.

7. BetVisa’s Terms & Conditions:

The usual rules of Betvisa also apply here. So, make sure you understand them.


The Betvisa Referral Bonus is a great way to get extra money for playing games with your friends. You can invite your pals to Betvisa, and both of you will get 300 as a bonus. Remember, you should follow the rules to make sure you get your bonus. So, invite your friends to join the Betvisa app today and have a blast playing games while earning bonuses!

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