Best Ways to Beat Wagering Requirements

The sports betting market in 2021 peaked at 218.49 billion USD. If you are familiar with casinos and how they work, then you must be knowing about Wagering too. The wagering requirement is a mandatory gamble that  the majority of the casinos around the world practice

Before knowing the ways to beat it, you must understand- What exactly is Wagering?.

Wager/Wagering is a form of betting that involves risking a sum by guessing the outcome of an event. In online casino gaming, wagering is one of the important assets that the companies keep in their arsenal to leverage more investment from users.

Some of the best ways to beat both the online and offline casino Wagering requirements are as follows:

Selecting the Right Casinos to bet

The first thing that you need to search for is the license issued by the Government authorities. A licensed casino follows the government guidelines for customer safety assurance and transaction security. Moreover, it also builds trust by solving customer grievances on time.

A good casino gives priority to its customers. They declare their terms and conditions without any hidden agenda. They deposit customer bonuses and profits into their accounts on time.

Read the Terms and Conditions carefully

The casino companies that are registered with the gaming authorities have clear-cut terms and conditions. These include:

  • Declaring the minimum deposit clearly
  • The winning amount in every game
  • The time limits
  • Bonus bet limits
  • The wagering offer, etc.

ID requirement

Any premier casino will ask you for an ID for age verification purposes. 18 years is the minimum age requirement that they check for eligibility. You will be asked to upload a copy of your ID on their websites for verification.

What do Wagering Requirements mean?

If you ever visit or play at a casino, you will be given a casino bonus. The wagering requirement is the number of times you bet on a bonus so that it becomes actual money. The money then made is deposited in your account and you can withdraw the same.

Sometimes, the casinos may apply the wagering requirement on both your bonus as well the deposit money. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for users to pay attention. So, it becomes a critical issue as you might end up losing everything, including your deposit money.

A wager may also include the following factors such as cash bonuses, free spins, and free bets.

For example, some casinos call it a playthrough or rollover requirement as well. But they are all written as x20, or x30, so customers need to pay attention to this detail. For a wagering requirement of 30x, you would need to bet at a bonus amount of over 30 times.

Only then you would be able to withdraw both the bonus as well as your deposit money from it. You would have to deal with the wagering requirement, even when you have free spins in your account. Because the free spins do not come with a cash amount. Therefore, its multiples apply only to the winnings you received on your free spin.

How to calculate Wagering?

For frequent casino visitors, wagering is a standard thing that they deal with daily. But, for the new customers, it could be very tricky to comprehend. There are plenty of technicalities involved in wagering that one needs to understand before placing their bets.

For better understanding, consider an example below:

  • You want to claim a deposit bonus, which is 100% of the total value of INR 2000.
  • Now, when you deposit the entire INR 2000, you will receive a bonus of INR 2000. So, you now have a total of INR 4000 with you.
  • Now, this amount comes with a 10 or 12 times wagering requirement.
  • Now, the trick is that you need to bet at least INR 40,000( 4000×10= INR 40,000). Only then, you would be able to withdraw the winnings, if any, you have earned from it.
  • If you win any money from the bets, then try further wagering. The winnings achieved there will add to the INR 40,000 requirement.

How to beat Wagering Requirements?

A wagering requirement is a total of money that a player would like to wager before being asked to make a cash withdrawal. Completing the entire criteria of wagering requirements is important for the players to withdraw the entire sum.

If they do not complete the entire wagering requirements, then they will have to forfeit. The forfeit means they would lose everything, in some cases, the initial deposit will be lost as well.  Try low wagering losses, if you are worried about losses incurred due to high wagering.

2 straight tricks might help you to beat wagering requirements.

Play Low bet Slots

Playing on low bets is the best way to save yourself from wagering losses. Even though, it is a long process that requires patience. Mostly, the players lack patience after a big win and start wagering even higher, which makes them lose big time. 

Therefore, playing low variance slots is recommended, that help provide small and medium-sized payouts. Even if you place higher bets on low variance slots, you can beat the wagering requirements. In addition, it might help preserve your deposits as well.

Play High Variance Slots on Medium bets

This is exactly the opposite of the first requirement. Here, you need to target high variance on medium bets. By playing a large number of spins, i.e, around 200 to 300 spins, you can target the high variance slots.

By following this method, you can earn a great chance to earn a good bonus. You could even round and earn back your lost deposits. When you earn big payouts here, move to the next games immediately.


What does Wagering mean?

A wager or wagering is the sum of money you can risk by guessing the outcome of a bet, before placing a bet is known as wagering. It is a hit-or-miss kind of situation, where you need to be smart as well as be lucky. Otherwise, you might face huge losses.

Is Wagering a good thing to do?

Excess wagering could lead to huge losses as the customers would get lured into it if they win their initial bets. Wagering lures them into believing that they could win even higher bets. As a result, they might end up losing the bonus, and sometimes their deposit sum as well.

Is Wagering a Legal Contract?

According to section 23 of the Contract Act, any form of wagering is not illegal. Therefore, the transactions falling under it cannot be overruled by any party.

Moreover, once signed, the wagering contract comes into force. Thus, both the customer as well as the casino owner have to oblige to the rules and regulations.


To sum up, we can conclude that wagering is an important aspect of casino betting, which helps casino owners immensely. Moreover, if a user is not familiar with its rules and regulations of it, they mind end up losing big money.

Winning big is the motive of casino users, hence wagering came into existence. But in search of more profits, customers bet huge on their deposits. And as they start facing losses, they wager even more on the same amount, hence the losses follow.

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