Beginners Guide to Betting Tips & Tricks

Cricket betting, like the sport, is very big across the world. A lot of people take part in cricket betting. There are many sites that have options for betting on cricket among other sports. However, with so many options at hand, it is also important to know which site to use.

Besides, you should also be aware of the general rules and terms used in cricket betting. Next, it also helps to know about the different bonus offers that sites provide. Last, you should also have knowledge of some basic tips and tricks used in cricket betting. In his article, we will go through everything you need to know about cricket betting tips and tricks.

How do Betting Odds Works?

The most common and also very important term used in sports betting is odds. In short, betting odds are used by bookmakers to show how likely an event is to happen. They are shown by a decimal or fraction most of the time. However, they can also be shown using a plus or minus sign before a number.

While they may look complex, you can understand them with some basic maths. Besides, they help a lot in calculating how likely an event is to happen and thus help you in winning. It is, however, important to know how to read betting odds.

Fractional odds show you what you can win based on the amount you bet. For instance, let us say the betting odds for a team are 2/1. Here “2/1” are the betting odds shown in fraction form. What this means is that if the team wins you will get $3 for betting $1 on the team. Thus, your profit is $2 if the team wins based on the odds and $1 is the amount that you bet.

Decimal odds, on the other hand, are in fact quite simple to calculate. For example, a betting odd of 3.00 on a team will give you $3 for every $1. Thus, if you bet $1 on the team and they win, all you have to do is multiply $1 by the odds. Again, here the profit is $2 and the remaining $1 is your bet amount.

Finally, a “+” sign means a team is an underdog and a “-” sign means they are favorites. If a team has “+150” odds then you have to bet $100 to win $150. On the other hand, “-150” odds means you have to bet $150 to win $100.

Cricket Betting tips

There are a lot of ways by which you can bet on cricket. A lot of sites have cricket betting and give different offers to their users. Thus it can be a bit difficult for someone to begin betting on cricket. Here are a few tips and tricks for all beginners that will help you increase your earnings. After all, isn’t that what betting is all about!

  1. Sign up to the best available sites: There are a lot of sites plying their trade-in cricket betting. However, you should know what the best sites are before you sign up for one. Some of the best sites that you can use are Crickex, Betwinner Sports, Parimatch, 22Bet, and Betway.
  1. Read T&Cs carefully: Almost every site will offer you a welcome bonus that you can use to place vets for free. However, every site has different rules for cashing out the wins that you earn from their bonus offers. Thus, always read the terms and conditions very carefully when you sign up on a site.
  1. Understand the value of the game: World Cup matches will always have high stakes involved. The same goes for popular tournaments like the IPL or the BBL. But there are a lot of tournaments that take place across the world and are not well known. Besides, these are even easier to predict. Thus, you need to be aware of such events.
  1. Analyze the match: While there are very competitive matches, there are also one-sided matches happening all the time. Thus, you should wait for the first innings and observe before making a bet in a match.
  1. Home advantage: In cricket, home advantage is always big. It is even more important in overseas test matches. Thus, always take that into consideration before making a bet.

Why Do We Provide Free Cricket Betting Tips?

You may be thinking as to why we provide so many free tips and tricks. The main reason is that we want our readers to win as much as possible and benefit from them. Hence, we aim to assist you in winning as much money as possible when betting on cricket. If we can do this, we will consider our cricket betting predictions a success.

We are, by all means, very dedicated to cricket and keep up to date with the sport. Not just in India, we follow cricket tournaments across the world. And we regularly keep track of major events. Thus, with this knowledge, we come up with tips and tricks that can actually help cricket betting fans.

If you are a genuine fan of cricket and love betting on the sport you will find most of our tips very useful. Most of these tips and tricks will help you increase your chances of winning by and large. However, like any other arena in betting, cricket betting always has an element of risk. Thus, you will not always win even if you follow best practices. The best way to bet on cricket is to enjoy it while doing it and not hope to win always.

There are a lot of games happening at a given time across the world in cricket. Naturally, we cannot give free tips and tricks to all of them. This is because it is not possible to follow all of them at the same time. However, we always provide tips and tricks for most major matches. We always try our best to give you IPL predictions as well as predictions for matches played by the Indian team. We also provide regular updates on most international matches in cricket.


Can only people with excellent knowledge of cricket bet on the sport?

You will definitely have an edge if you understand the rules of the game and follow cricket as a true fan. However, you do not need to be an expert at the game to bet on it. Besides, you can always learn about the game if you want to improve your chances of earning more.

Can I use multiple sites to bet on Cricket?

Yes, it is a good strategy to use multiple sites at a time. You can sign up on different sites and place bets at your convenience. However, it is not recommended to have multiple accounts on the same server. This is because you can get banned for life if you are caught doing so.

Is betting on cricket legal in India?

While some states have banned gambling of any form under their borders, there is no such law to prohibit betting online. Thus, most people bet on cricket online since it is neither legal nor illegal. It is a loophole in the legal system of India in terms of gambling activities.

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