Are There Strategies That Can Be Used To Beat Online Roulette?

Game of Roulette

The game of roulette is definitely a luck game. You have to choose a number on a wheel and guess which number the metal ball will stop. However, the presumption about Roulette being a pure luck game is definitely wrong. There are ample strategies through which you can enhance your chances of winning in online roulette. Let us discuss those strategies below.

1. Corner Bets

Placing multiple corner bets is one of the most effective ways to increase your odds of winning. In fact winning probability while placing corner bets is almost one-eighth. Thus, all you have to do is select the corners near the number that won earlier.

2. Do not place bets on single numbers

If you go through the game of online roulette or in fact roulette in general, you will find that the maximum payouts one receives are by placing the bets on single numbers. You must be wondering that by betting on those, you can easily win huge. In fact, payouts for those are 1:35.

However, the reason behind that is the probability of getting those numbers is extremely low. Even the house knows that. Thus, if you want to try your luck on that, just make sure you do it rarely.

3. The Martingale Strategy

Martingale is one of the most classic strategies which are quite famous, not online among online roulette but many other casino games too. Basically, the player doubles the bet after every loss.

This will help you not only cover the loss but make you profit with one single win. However, you just need to know that to follow this strategy, your bankroll decides your first bet. It must be small, in order to continue for the maximum possible bets. Moreover, you need to bet only on black or red throughout the whole game.

4. Fibonacci betting system

Here is another strategy that will help you win online roulette. Fibonacci’s strategy also aids you not only to cover your all previous losses but gets you a profit too. As per it, the betting amount must be a sum of the previous two bets. For instance, the first and second bets were of 1 and 2 currency units respectively. Therefore the third bet will be 3 (1+2). This is an effective way to bet on roulette.

5. Bond Strategy

For new players in online roulette, the bond strategy definitely works well. According to this strategy, you place three bets in one go. Therefore, it gives you high chance of winning as you already cover most of the numbers.

6. Use Calculations

Here comes a strategy that requires you to learn it carefully. So, the player must be good in both mathematics and physics. Calculating the speed of the wheel and the time which the ball spends gives you an estimation of where the ball will stop. Yes, it is quite difficult but still applicable with almost 60 percent of accuracy. Therefore, by using those you can definitely get an 18 percent of return.

7. When to stop

No matter which casino game you play, the addiction needs to be avoided. There are times when you win continuously. However, you can not win forever. Therefore, at some point, you will lose. But, the urge to win more will make you play again and again. Resultantly, the losing converts into an empty bankroll. But if you know when to stop then you can not only save the losses but earn consistently.

All in all

All in all, the above are a few of the strategies which will help you to win. However, do remember that this will not assure the win but increase the chances for the same. Still, you need to be cautious enough while playing online roulette. Moreover, do not forget to select a reliable online casino to play the game of roulette. The casinos must have a license to do so. Also, it must support the currency you want to play in. Depositing and withdrawing money is another factor to consider. The mode of the financial transaction must be safe and secure.

Besides, those strategies can aid you in many other casino games too. Though, go through the rule book of all the games before getting into it.

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