Are RTPs Lower in Multi-Hand Video Poker?

Video Poker games are a form of casino game that originates in China. The game is inspired by the five-card draw poker. Video poker became rose to popularity in the 1980s. But even today the game enjoys massive popularity globally, especially with the rise of online gambling.

Video Poker games are based on the Game of Chance. Many gamblers think video pokers game do not offer much fun and money. Thus, they head toward slot machines to try their luck. But in comparison to slot machines, video pokers game are far more generous and provide better payouts than slot machines.

The Muslim majority nation of Bangladesh has also seen the immense popularity of online video poker games. For many years, the people of Bangladesh were not exposed to gambling. It is because the country has anti-gambling laws and also follows Sharia law that does not allow gambling.

But, as the world moves towards a digital revolution, the people of Bangladesh are joining the mainstream too. More online gambling companies are investing in the country. Also, because of the growing young population and a need to earn extra money,  these online casino sites are getting good business too.

In this article, we will discuss the impact of video poker games and what effect it has on RTPs.

Relation between Video Poker Games & RTPs

As a new bettor, you must understand that video poker games always offer a set payout percentage before you start playing them. If you disagree with the set payout, you might play a variant that offers a low RTP. By doing so, you might lose big.

In that case, you will lose your cash faster than you think. By looking at the table, you can calculate whether a video poker game offers a lower or a higher payback. Choosing the right online casino site becomes vital in this case.

It is because the video pokers game that share the same name could offer you a different pay table. So, choosing the most reliable online casino site becomes vital to gain better payouts. Also, some multi-hand video poker games have different pay tables and offer them the single-hand forms of the same game.

Calculating the Payout Percentage Information

In a video poker game, there could be times when the bettors might be unaware of the payouts on a particular table. To know about the payout, you must look at the long-term RTP of the video pokers game you love to play.

This information is found in two different places. So, you need to know where you find it to calculate which poker games are worth playing. The websites with valid licenses and regulated online casino sites might give you a good idea about the payouts.

If not, then you can also find the full breakdown of the game tutorial and check the long-term payout percentages of each video poker game. The payout percentages can be seen on the help files attached to every game before you start playing the game.

Video Poker Bonuses and Comps

Different online casinos offer many types of bonuses. These bonuses include a sign-up bonus, welcome bonus, and other daily, weekly, or monthly promotional offers and bonuses. But many casinos will not allow you to use those bonuses while playing video poker games.

A few websites let you use those bonuses and promotional offers. You can play games on those websites and use these bonus offers with bonus credits. But the play-through requirement with those bonus credits would be very high.

Another important thing that you must know about playing video poker games. While playing them for real money at online casinos, you earn plenty of comp points. It is because of the high frequency of hitting the winning hand combinations and high payout percentages on these games.

Odds and Payout Returns

Although video pokers game is not as flashy and colorful, they still offer better payouts than slot machines. Video pokers game is one of the few casino games that offer the best winning opportunities.

Video poker is a game of skill that needs a bit of luck as well. It means every decision you make at any point of the game will have an outcome in the game. But this is not the case with slots. Also, the casinos do not reveal the payback percentage of slot machines. But they reveal the same for video poker games.

The payback percentage is the number that shows the average player’s bet that would return to them as winnings after betting. For slot machines, the percentage varies between 70% to 90%. But for video poker games, the number varies approximately between 97% to 99%.


Video pokers game is fun and more rewarding, in comparison to other casino games. The multiplayer video poker allows players a chance to have four winning hands at once. By using sensible hand selection, the players can turn their sessions into successful ones.

If you are still unsure about playing a video pokers game, remember that it is available free of cost on every online casino site. Thus, it is a no-risk game and players can test their skills at any time at their convenience.

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